Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Stockings

There are so many things I love about Christmas: twinkle lights, sparkling trees, cozy homes, warm blankets, toasty sweaters, family, exchanging gifts, stockings, celebrating the birth of our Savior... With most of these things comes a tradition or two: decorating the Christmas tree and house, pulling out the blankets and watching Christmas movies with family while snug on the couch, making or getting the perfect gift for your loved ones, reading about the birth of Christ, celebrating the Advent Season and sharing in family devotions... While I love everything about Christmas and all of the traditions it brings, it is difficult to pick a favorite, though one of them is Christmas stockings.

Growing up I always looked forward to opening my stocking. It was the one thing we were allowed to open before every one else was awake. Usually it always contained a toothbrush (exciting, right?) and an orange. There were other little things in there that would vary from year to year: hair ties, nail polish, a CD, a book, an ornament, chapstick, candies, a small toy... just a few age appropriate goodies. I'm not really sure why I loved opening my stocking each year, but it was always s much fun.

Since we have been married I have made an effort to do Christmas right... i.e. have a nice little stocking full of goodies. I can do this for my hubby with no problem, and now that we have a baby it will be super fun to have one for him. But I always feel guilty or bad when it comes to making a stocking for myself. So I don't. Or if I do I just put things in it that I need anyway, like mascara or chapstick or something like that. I have tried to encourage my hubs to get into the spirit of stockings but it hasn't really worked yet. And his family doesn't do stockings so when we visit them each year for Christmas there are no stockings to wake up to, which s fine... it's just not one of their traditions. So our stockings are pitifully empty. 

Even still, I love stockings and plan to make them a tradition with our children (we only have one right now). A few years ago I bought stockings for us, but lacked the foresight of buying a few extras in the same design for our future children. And because I like things to match and look like they belong together it is proving difficult finding a stocking for E this year. So I have been looking in all of the stores for some matching ones (there are none) and now new ones. This time I will get an extra for our hopeful future baby. My trouble is finding nice stockings at a reasonable price an/or ones that don't have to be personalized.

my favorite stocking find! 

Did you have stockings growing up? Do you do stockings now, if so tell me about it! I'd love to hear your stocking story!


Callie Nicole said...

Oo, toothbrushes in the stocking! My dental hygienist self loves that. Why have I never thought of that before?

I realize the toothbrush was not the point of this post, but I like it, haha!

We had just plain red and white stockings growing up. Before my husband and I had kids I found these cute little skinny stockings and I loved them, so now all my kids will have matching stockings!

Susannah said...

I love stockings too and since Nate and I will be by ourselves for Christmas this year we're doing each other's stockings. I'm really trying not to be a control freak and trust that Nate will do mine right. Haha.