Tuesday, December 10, 2013

how to take pictures of your squirmy little pookie

Since it is Christmas time and we have a little munchkin in our lives this year, we thought it would be nice to send a little Christmas card to family and friends. This sounds like no big task, and to some it might not be. But, when you are on a budget (i.e. don't have money to pay for a fancy professional photographer) or you don't have a photographer as your bff or you don't have a fancy shmancy DSLR camera of your own it can prove to be quite tricky to take good pictures of a baby on the move with a five year old sub par camera that takes about a year to take one picture and five years before you can take a second picture, thus causing you to miss all of the adorable smiles and poses of your pookie.

If you find one or all of the above listed to be true for you, I am here to help. Here is what you need to do: 
1. Pick a location you want your pictures to be taken. Take a few practice shots, just to make sure the lighting is what you want and your camera is on the right setting. And be sure to have your pookie dressed up and ready to go.

2. Set pookie down in your desired spot, be sure to have your camera on, ready, and in your hand or right next to you. Take a step back and expect that your pookie will be in a different spot than where you set him (or her) down.

3. Quickly take as many pictures as your camera will allow, all the while trying to get your pookie to smile/laugh/look at the camera. 

4.  Get a bunch of blurry pictures of your pookie on your camera, but continue on.

5. Move pookie back to 'the spot' and repeat steps 2-4 five hundred times. Or until you have one non blurry photo that is somewhat useable.

6. When you are tired of moving pookie back to 'the spot' follow him (or her) as they army crawl/crawl/toddle/walk/scoot/roll/cruise around the room and snap pictures like crazy.

7. Try to be creative with the angles. Or not. Just keep taking pictures.

8. Be patient and have fun with your little pookie. Don't stress! 

9. By the end of the photo session you will have burned off approximately 5471 calories. This is true.

10. When you feel pooped tired from chasing pookie as though you have one or even two non blurry pictures of your little pookie the photo shoot can be over.

11. When little pookie is in bed or eating or when you have a few free minutes, look back through all of the pictures you just took and delete 70 of the 77 you just took, because well, at least 70 of them will be your pookie on the move and a complete blur.

12. Look through the 7 okay pictures you managed to get and smile about how cute your pookie is and be grateful for the few good ones you have, even if the quality isn't the greatest. 

13. If you are feeling very adventurous and full of energy, you can have another little photo shoot with pookie.

14. Use the best one or two pictures you managed to take and make a little Christmas card. No one will know just how much work, time, and energy it took you to get those two stinkin' pictures. But, they will be so worth it that you will be willing to do it over and over... 


you could just ask Santa for a fancy shmancy DSLR camera for Christmas and hope that you get it so you don't have to go through this painful wonderful process ever again. 


in the mean time, (if) while you just have your little camera that takes a decade to take one picture (which obviously means you can only get one picture of your pookie every ten years...) I hope you have found this little tutorial helpful. Good luck taking those pictures! 


if you are one of those people with a professional photographer, who has a photographer BFF, or a fancy DSLR camera, well then, enjoy your easy photo shoot and count your blessings! :)

it's the little things people. 


Susannah said...

Hahaha. This is the best tutorial ever!!!! ;-)

Allyssa said...

haha! This cracked me up, because it's so true!

Allyssa said...

haha! This cracked me up, because it's so true!

Rachel Lynn said...

I do have a fanchy schmancy dslr, but it still takes practice. I don't have a kid, but puppies are equally difficult to get pictures of. Just saying. Here's to wishing Santa brings you your wish :)

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Callie Nicole said...

Haha, this is funny! I chased me son around with an old camera too for the first year of his life - then I broke down and bought the DSLR! But you can get good pictures even with an old point and shoot! I think these are so cute! :-)