Friday, December 6, 2013

sweet little surprises

Oh, man. It's been too long for my liking since I shared a little ol' post. I don't know what happened this week. Where did the days go? How were my days filled? Oh, um. hanging out with babies, doing the house chores stuff. You know, the usual. Oh, and also working on a top secret gift for a special someone, so maybe that's what took up some of the 'extra' time I usually have in the evenings. But, oh well. I am here now, and it is nice.

Today started out quite delightfully. I woke up before the babe and had a little quiet time by the light of the Christmas tree. I was even able to get ready for the day while E was snoozing away. I quite liked the 'me time' in the quiet and stillness of this morning. Maybe I can make it a daily thing. And for whatever it is always so much easier to wake up early in the morning if I know I get to enjoy the twinkling lights of my tree.

E slept through the night! Thank you, Jesus! He has slept through the night a few other times, but it is not a regular thing. I would quite like it if it was a regular thing. So, yeah. We'll hope and pray for the best :) I figure now that he is 10 months he should be starting to sleep through the night...

Last night the lady I babysit for texted me with the news that her mom was coming to visit them earlier than they initially thought, so Baby Girl would spend the day with her grandma. I would have the day off. It was kind of a nice little surprise. It was also kind of nice because the next day I would start watching baby number 3! It would be a nice way to ease into watching another little squirt.

This morning baby number 3's mama called and told me he wasn't feeling well and they were going to the doctor. So, no babies for me to watch today except for my own. What a sweet little surprise! [As much as I enjoy the babysitting gig, it is nice when I can just hang out with my own babe and not have to care for another  :]

We got Christmas cards this year. True story. Never before have we sent out cards [unless you count that one year we made five cards to give to two people -five was the smallest number of cards I could order, which I don't]. But with us having a cute lil' mini in our lives this year and our family being far away we thought it would be nice to send a little card to them. Though the card is primarily for our family, a few special friends will be getting one too ... Next week I will be sharing tips on how to make your own lil' Christmas cards.

Anyhow. I hope you all had a lovely week! Happy weekend to you, stay cozy and warm!



Lauren said...

What a fun little surprise for your day! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

And I agree, something about having some quiet time near sparkling tree lights is so calming!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Hooray for sleeping through the night! It's about time and well deserved for you mama!

Susannah said...

What wonderful suprises!!! I'm glad your week went so well. I love waking up and having me and Jesus time by the light of the Christmas tree.