Friday, January 31, 2014

a heater for the freezing cold. five on friday.

I thought it would be kind of nice to do a random assortment for today, so five on Friday it is :)

one. We got a heater for our basement and I am in love with it. Basements are always much colder than the rest of the house, and with these subzero temperatures we have been having it's been even colder. We have been bundling up and keeping oodles of blankets in the basement just to keep warm. I hated coming down stairs just because it was so cold. Our "office" (the computer) is in the basement and anytime I would come down to blog or do anything else my fingers would freeze. Which made me not want to blog or use the computer at all. So I didn't as much as I would have liked to. Then we decided we ought to get a heater since my in-laws were coming to visit and they would be sleeping in the basement. Why did we not get one months ago?! Best thing ever.

two. that's how many "cold days" I had this week. It was glorious. I absolutely love spending my days with just my little man. The days are quieter, calmer, sweeter. I love that I can worry about only him and devote my time to him and what chores need to be done for our home (if I'm lucky I can do said chores, but I don't freak out if I don't get them done).

three. I have been able to blog a lot more these days, which I am loving (hopefully you are too, ha :). I think it has a lot to do with the heater and a routine. I thrive on routine and love having one. My plan is to blog about that routine one day soon.

four. Nothing beats getting real mail. The other day I was going through a stack of mail and was delightfully surprised to find a card in there for me! It about made my week. I also really love sending cards to people, I think in part because I know how much fun it is to get "real" mail in your mailbox. Sadly I have been slacking in the sending cards to friends department lately. But, I want to try and send a card out at least once every other week (I don't want to say once a week and then disappoint myself :). Want a card? I'd love to send you one!

(I wish I was Danni Hong, lucky duck! :)

five. I know lots of people are saying they are so done with winter and the freezing weather. Can I tell you a secret? I'm not. I kind of enjoy the cold weather (especially since I get to be inside where it is warm). When I do have to go out it's kind of fun to bundle up and half a dozen layers, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves.... Plus, it makes me appreciate the warmer weather so much more once it does come. On a kind of side note, the lady I babysit for just told me that a teacher at her school said we are supposed to get 44 inches of snow in February. 44 inches in February. That would be pretty amazing.

Anyhow. I hope you all have a good weekend! Stay warm and cozy if you are suffering from the bitter cold temperatures, and enjoy the warmth if you are not!



Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Visiting from the link up :) The snuggly snapshot of you and your lit'l guy is sooo precious! I agree, nothing beats real mail!! Glad you're enjoying the cold weather does have it's perks - hot chocolate, cute scarves, and snuggling under piles of blankets are a few reasons I can handle Spring being a ways off yet ;) ...& You're so right about it making us appreciate warm weather when it arrives! Fun post! Happy Friday to ya!! :)

Lauren said...

44 inches of snow in February?!? What!? That's just crazy!

I'm definitely ready for Spring, but I also love a good chilly night curled up with a good book...but who am I kidding that doesn't happen all that often!

Tiffany @ This Whole House said...

i too LOVE real mail and 44 inches... holy heavens!! Good luck with that. :) :) :) Thank you for stopping by blog and I am happy to be a new follower of yours!!

Rachel said...

Real mail is pretty awesome!! I think I've had enough snow for a lifetime though...

Alisha said...

I am trying to send out a letter a week too - it is so much fun brightening someone's day.

Little Emerson is too cute for words!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by! "snow", "ice" or "cold" days are the best when they mean extra time with your little one! Hopefully, you were able to get out and about. Last time Dallas had "ice" days, we were literally stuck inside for 4 days straight...loved it, but talk about stir crazy!

Kelsea said...

I love all of these! So glad you got to enjoy days at home with your little guy :) And I'm just like you- I get so excited when I get things in the mail ;) There's something so special about it! I'm glad you're blogging more and I'm excited to read more!

Ambrose said...

What a gorgeous little one you have there! I must agree, there's nothing quite like getting a customized piece of real mail from a friend or family member. One tip I feel I must share is to avoid using gold ink when addressing the letters, because the machines at the post office have trouble scanning them, making them take it bit longer to arrive sometimes. Love the designs!

Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.