Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a little 1st birthday celebration

So, just a little more about the birthday festivities...  

This past weekend Landon't parents and youngest sister came to visit us to celebrate Emerson's first birthday. Friday evening we had dinner and a little bit of cake, E opened some gifts from them and then went off to bed not too long after the "party" was over. We do things up big around this house. ...

The cake was the biggest thing as far as the party goes. But I'm not sad we didn't have a big party, it's like I said the other day, we like simple.


Apparently he was a little confused or upset or something...

oh, that face!

I guess he just really wanted some cake :)

Babies in little sun hats are the cutest thing ever. I can hardly resist his little cheeks!

 He got his own phone, it's pretty fancy if you ask me.

Boady was pretty exhausted from all of the action and needed some attention (for some reason he might not get as much attention as he once did...).

 Like I said, I didn't do a lot of decorating for his birthday, but I thought it would be neat to put out some pictures showing how much he has grown this past year. I considered them my decorations for the party.

That along with the different size clothes he has worn over the course of his little life. His current size, 9 months, is missing. I got a little distracted apparently, and never hung one up. Eh, oh well.

Look at that tiny! little monkey outfit! He was such a little peanut!

And there you have it. The end of E's birthday celebration. I like to make things last as long as possible, in case you couldn't already tell :)


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Aw Everything turned out perfectly and that cake! Oh my, you are so talented! So glad everything went well, E is just so precious. How has your job been going lately?

Lauren said...

I love his little cake & the idea to hang up the clothes he's worn over the years! So sweet!!

Whitney said...

He is such a cutie! My nephew got his own remote for his first birthday...remotes, phones...they grow up so fast these days ;)