Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

So, it's been forever [since last year!] since I last blogged, but I can't be too sorry about it. We have had a very busy traveling last couple of weeks [well, since the last time I blogged really] and things are just starting to calm down again.

Here's a little recap of our Christmas [just because it was Emerson's first Christmas and I want to remember it as well as possible!]...

We left for Kentucky on the Sunday morning before Christmas so we could spend lots of time with family and friends. Before we left home though, we opened our stockings. This is the first year Landon really got into the whole stocking thing [maybe I talked about it enough this year... :] and he surprised me with little bags of candy and a Bing Crosby Christmas CD [White Christmas is only my favorite movie, ever, and I do mean ever, I watch that movie all year round :]. The stocking was such a sweet and fun surprise. He got a bunch of "goodies" in his: shaving gel, deodorant. eye drops, hair gel, a toothbrush... exciting stuff. He loved it. I guess I should be glad he is so practical, it makes stocking stuffers super easy.

Emerson pulled the goodies out of his first stocking: Puffs, Lil' Crunchies, a toothbrush, pacis [though he has suddenly decided to give those up], lotion, a ornament, a book. Good [and practical] stuff. It was so fun sharing this special first with him! Though, after he pulled the Puffs out he just wanted to roll them around on the floor and chase after them. He had fun and that's all that counts.

After we opened our stockings we bundled up in the car and headed out. On our way to my in-laws we stopped to visit some friends, they live about exactly half way on the way, so it was a nice little stop and it was good to see friends! We hadn't seen each other since the summer so it was fun to hang out and to see how our babies have grown! 

oh, how I love this lady! 

On Monday Emerson stayed with his Grammy and Auntie M while Landon and I went on a little date. It was nice to enjoy spending the afternoon with just him. We did a tiny bit of shopping and had a nice lunch before we went back to the house. Sadly I have no picture of our date...

On Tuesday we went to my sister's in-law's house [her in-laws have always been so loving towards me and have welcomed me into their family even though I'm not "technically family". They even include me in their family picture!] for a Christmas Eve lunch. My sister got to love on E a little bit and we were able to chit chat some and see "family".

  surprisingly E was the most cooperative munchkin!  

While we were there, Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit!

Christmas Eve evening we had dinner and gifts with my father-in-law's side of the family. E got to play with one of his second cousins [the baby of a cousin, I never know how that all works...] and we enjoyed a time of celebrating with family. Though, of course I forgot to take pictures....

Christmas morning E and I had a nice little breakfast of cheerios, banana, and eggs together around 7 to give the rest of the family more time to sleep. After they all woke up we opened presents. E got one big toy from his grandparents and a convertible car seat [he's growing up too fast!], and loads of clothes. He did pretty well, I'd have to say. Though, thankfully, he didn't get too much. I was concerned he might get too many toys and gifts, I am glad he didn't, we don't want him to have an overflow of toys.

E helped some when it came to opening gifts, but he still wasn't too sure about them, especially the paper wrapped ones. Gift bags were easier for him to open, get into, and get excited about. But he had fun and I loved watching him take everything in on his first Christmas morning.



After presents with grandparents and aunties, I laid him down for his morning nap and was able to enjoy a delicious Christmas breakfast with the rest of the family. Once breakfast was over and E woke up, the three of us enjoyed our own little Christmas as a family of three.

The rest of the day we chilled out around the house until dinner time when we went to Landon's aunt's house to celebrate with his mom's side of the family. There was loads of delicious food and lots of fun with family.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas, I know we did.

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Susannah said...

I'm so glad you had such a great Christmas season!!! What fun that you got to enjoy it with your little man this year!!