Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a quiet afternoon

The other afternoon Landon had some work to do, so he left the house and Emerson and I got to hang out, just the two of us. We played, read, and napped. Watching Emerson amazes me, he is the sweetest little guy I have ever known, so content, so happy, such a joy. He sat and looked at books for over an hour. Occasionally he would roll his ball around the room and chase after it, giggling the whole time like it was the best thing in the world. Then he would turn and look at me; as soon as our eyes would meet, he would grin the biggest grin showing those dimples of his off, throw his head back, and clap/bounce and laugh with his ball. Then he would be off again. Every now and then he would crawl over to me, climb on/over/up me until his little mouth was on my face at which point he covered my mouth and cheeks with his big wide open mouth slobber filled kisses; the best kind of kisses. As soon as he was satisfied with his kiss or the hug and kiss I gave him back, off he would go to get his ball, book, or some other toy.

A quiet afternoon. I love days like this. Just me and him, my little man, the little love of my life.

It's moments like these I am so grateful for and will cherish forever. I know the day will come [all too soon, I'm sure] when he will squirm away from my hugs and when he will not be so free with his kisses, when I am the last person he wants to hang out with. But for now, he loves me and he loves spending his days with me, and I am oh so thankful for these days.

This afternoon God reminded me just how blessed I am. He truly is a gracious and joyous Father and he has blessed us beyond measure. I too often overlook these little gifts, my hope this year is to count every. single. one. because they are there by the bushel full.


Lauren said...

so precious! Elyse already doesn't necessarily want to give us kisses/hugs or even say goodbye when we drop her off at my moms...and I already miss those days when she was little! Tomorrow will be different and she'll be smothering me again--but it makes me appreciate all the snuggles and lovin' all the more!

Rachel Lynn said...

As always, E is adorable :) love hearing about him.

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Heather Leigh @ Like a Morning cup of coffee said...

Oh my goodness! He is just so so cute!!! =D

Kelsea said...

This is such a sweet post! We're in such a similar place in motherhood. My little guys is 13.5 months. Aren't those kisses and hugs the best? I love my days at home with my little guy.

Susannah said...

<3 He really is such an adorable little man!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I love this! He is so adorable. Enjoy these days :)