Monday, January 27, 2014

Emerson's 12 month update

This month has been very full and busy, but also very sweet and refreshing for us. You celebrated your first Christmas and we went to see family over Christmas break. You did alright on the car ride, you slept for the first half of it and then you were awake and just wanted to be out of your car seat. I sat next to you and we played for most of the trip. I can't complain too much though, you are fun and a little cutie. Though in the future, it would be nice if you would be a little less vocal about how you don't want to be buckled in. Anyhow... just some things I want to remember about you and this little time in your life.

Sleep. Before Christmas you were sleeping through the night, waking just once in the early morning after which you would go back to sleep for an hour or so. But, when we were visiting family for Christmas, you did not sleep. I would lay you down at your bed time, you would sleep a few hours and then wake up. It usually worked out that you woke up exactly when I was all ready for bed and had just gotten comfy under the covers, then you would wake up crying. You only wanted mamma too. Daddy would not do. Eventually you ended up sleeping with us in bed every night because it was the only way you would sleep (and it was still only a little). We came home a little earlier than planned because none of us were getting any sleep. You like your own room and your own bed. Can't say that I blame you. Once we got home you started sleeping much better, waking only around five to eat and then you would sleep for a while longer. But thank the Lord, you are sleeping through the night! 

Eating. You love meal time (and snack time). I'm trying to continue to introduce you to new foods, but sometimes it's just hard. That or I'm scared you'll have an allergic reaction like you did to the spaghetti (the tomatoes in the sauce to be more exact). You still get to try new foods frequently, but are mostly eating fruits and veggies, nothing wrong with that though, right? Anytime I eat something different than what you have you watch me so closely and stare at the food on my plate. One day I will let you have some, don't worry. Though last night I made you macaroni and cheese and you didn't really seem to care for it. Some of your favorites are: cheese, bananas, bread with hummus, eggs, apples, butternut squash, cauliflower, baby lima beans, Puffs, Mum Mums, Lil' Crunchies, peaches, pears... you love food. When you are done with something/want more/want something else, you let us know! 

Play. Play time is pretty much all of the time. You love to play and will play with anything and everything that I allow you to. Some things you really enjoy playing with are: the diffuser attachment for my hair dryer, my make up bag, any of the bottles I keep in the bathroom drawer, spatulas, the rice cooker pot (so Loud!), pot holders, the kitchen chairs, and the measuring cups. Pretty much anything. And yes, you are closely supervised while you play with all of those things. You love reading and eating (yes, sometimes literally) books. I have had to take a few books away from you because you managed to pull off some of the cardboard and were chowing down on it. yikes.

Growth. You are growing, that's for sure! You are wearing nine month cloths now and they fit you pretty well. You still wear a few of your six month clothes every now and again, but it is almost time to pack all of them up. You are wearing size three diapers and weigh 19 pounds.

Favorites. Mamma (you are a mamma's boy for sure. I kind of secretly love it), books, throwing things (mostly toys), following me from one room to the next, the bathroom (can't figure out what's so exciting about that...), eating, Boady, helping pick out your clothes to wear, helping fold the clothes, and greeting Daddy when he comes home each night, looking at pictures of babies.

Milestones. Crawling is still your favorite way to get around and you are super speedy. You love it when I chase you. Sometimes at bath time you crawl away from me as I try and take your socks off, your pants... and you just giggle like it's the most hilarious thing ever. You have taken a few steps here and there, four tiny steps is the most you have taken at once. Usually you stick with two little steps and then plop down to play or crawl off to something else. You are standing on your own for a lot longer. I think you do the most standing and "walking" when you are busy playing with something. Often times you will pick a big toy or other object (empty diaper box), hold it in one hand, and then take a few steps. I'm sure it won't be long before you are walking everywhere, but secretly, I love your little crawling self and want to assure you there is absolutely no hurry for you to start walking.

ha. poor baby, he just wants to get the sticker off his shirt and I'm not letting him :) 

Words. Mama. Daddy is really working on getting you to say Dada. But for now you have one word and it is Mama (which is fine by me :)  

Teeth. No new teeth, you still just have six little teeth in there. That is fine with me. Teething is no fun.

Bedtime. You love bedtime. Each night you are very ready to get to bed. You love taking your bath, and play for a little while in the bath tub. Most nights you like to help me get the bath ready. I love how you stand at the edge of the bathtub just looking in like you can't wait to get in the water. After bath you like to fight me or your daddy when it is time to get your jammies on, but after you are in your pajamas you are ready for stories, prayers, and to be laid down. I am so thankful you go down for bed so easily now. It was hard work getting there, but so worth it. You have been doing really well with going down for several months now. Keep it up, buddy!

Dislikes. Getting in your car seat, (for whatever reason, all of the sudden you stiffen your little body and squirm like crazy any time we put you in your car seat, I hope this doesn't last long), getting your diaper changed and getting dressed (you do not like to be still! You would think I was trying to torture you when I change your diaper from the way you squirm and fuss. But, I win every. time. You must have a diaper on that little booty), being told "no", when you want something and don't have it or get it (mostly at meal times), being hungry, and being away from mamma.

I love you so much Emerson, you are my little sunshine and bring so much so into each and every day. I cannot believe how much (and how fast!) you are growing! Thanks for making me your mamma! I love you to the stars and back.

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so precious! love that last picture of Emerson in the tub!