Wednesday, January 8, 2014

o Christmas tree

I realize that it is already the first full week of January and that by this time of the year most everyone has already taken their Christmas trees down. Not me. Not yet. Our Christmas tree is still glowing warmly in the corner of our living room. And personally, I like it.

Growing up we always left the tree up until after my brother's birthday, just a few days into the new year, and that tradition has stuck with me. Now that my brother's birthday has passed I mentioned to Landon that I should probably take the tree down. I was even given two (yes two!) snow days to take it down and pack away all of our Christmas decorations. When I told him of my plans his reaction surprised me a little bit. He asked if I really had to, he said he wouldn't mind if I waited a little bit longer before I took the decorations down. He said he likes the cozy feel the tree gives, especially in the evenings that start so early here. He likes it.

Obviously, this made me very happy and gave me warm fuzzies all over. Ever since I put the tree up (in November) I have been able to drag my booty out of bed in the early morning to do my quiet time downstairs every day (well, with the exception of maybe two days). The tree is just so inviting. Little lights twinkling, a candle burning on the table, a hot mug of sweet coffee. All of these things make me more eager to start my day earlier. And the very same lights make the early nights comfy, warm, and not so lonesome. So I am happy to leave our tree up for just a little bit longer.

Though, if you happen to come over for a visit in June and it is still up, please just take it down because it obviously means I have a problem.

When do you take your Christmas tree down?


Rachel Lynn said...

We usually take ours down after new years. This year with going home for 3 weeks, our tree (real not fake) was only up for 2 weeks. I made my hubby take it down before we left so it wasn't withering away and making a mess while I was gone. But all my other decorations are still up....I agree with the cozy feeling :)

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Susannah said...

I wish we still had ours up! I had to take it down because it was getting to be a firehazard. That's the ONLY reason I wish I had a fake tree - so it would never become a fire hazard.

Kelsea said...

Love your ornaments! We took ours down a few days before Christmas because we were about to be out of town for a week. I was so disappointed that we wouldn't come home to it, but it needed to happen! Next year if we stay home, I'm going to try to keep it up as long as I can!