Friday, January 3, 2014

visiting after Christmas

A little more of this and that from our Christmas break... [I just don't want to forget anything and since I didn't have the luxury of being able to blog while away, here it is now...]. We stayed with Landon's family for a few days after Christmas and had plans for each day that followed. My sister and her kiddos came to visit us Thursday afternoon, on Friday morning we had a dentist appointment and dinner with some friends Landon went to school with that night, and Saturday we got to spend time with the friends from our small group. Some of the highs [and lows] from the rest of our trip...

sister's visit. Thursday afternoon my sister came down so we could visit a little bit more, we only got to see each other for an hour-ish on Christmas Eve and there were lots of other people to talk to. So it was nice that she came down for a little bit and we could hang out and chit-chat, just the two of us.

the dentist. The last time we were at the dentist was 14 months ago [I remember because I was preggers with E and it was in the fall, not that it matters...] so I was naturally very excited to go to the dentist while we were visiting [call me crazy, but I don't mind going to the dentist]. Also, I had an inkling that I had a cavity, boo, so I wanted to have it checked out. Sure enough, after the dentist looked at my x-rays, he comes in to do a little more checking in my mouth, not something he usually does. And I knew. I asked him if I had a cavity in a certain spot and he said, yup as a matter of fact I did. Thankfully a few hours later he had an opening and I was able to go have it filled. ai ai. cavities.

dinner with L's friends. Some people L went to school with [and a few he didn't but live in his hometown] got together and we spent the evening together. I had to leave dinner early so I could get to the house, feed E, and put him to bed. The minute I walked through the doors after getting back from dinner, I heard E crying. break. my. heart. I found him, in tears, getting his pjs on. He saw me, squirmed free from his grammy, and climbed me so I could hold him. melt. my. heart. I love that boy.

night time sleeping. Before leaving for Kentucky we had planned to stay a little over a week and go back home on Monday morning after visiting some of L's former co-workers. But a little pookie decided he wanted to come back home early. You see, while we were visiting E would not sleep. He did alright during nap time, but nighttime was terrible. I would lay him down at bed time, he'd sleep for two hours, wake up, refuse to lay back down, would not be consoled unless I nursed him, and then when I thought he had dozed off and had laid him down again, he would sleep for 20-45 minutes and then wake up crying. every. single. night. he didn't sleep. I didn't sleep. After the second night I suggested that we leave earlier than we had planned. Two nights later, in the midst of one of me trying to calm E down, Landon told me that we were leaving early. ha. He couldn't stand it either. Thankfully the sweet little boy is sleeping better now that he is in his own bed again.

small group visit. Before our trip "home"/to Kentucky, we talked to some friends from our old small group in hopes that we would get to visit with them. Thankfully there was one day that they didn't have any plans, and it just so happened to be the day UK was playing their archenemies, U of L, what a better time than that to get together? I sent an email to our whole small group and almost everyone was able to get together, even another couple who had moved out of town the year before! It was so good seeing everyone and just spending time together. It made me miss friends and fellowship so much, and saying good-bye to them that night was even harder than it was when we moved in August. God truly blessed us in Louisville. I know we are supposed to be here right now, but it is so hard and I am struggling in trusting in God. It's just not what I want... Anyhow, the afternoon spent with our friends was refreshing to my soul and I'm just thankful we were all able to get together.

back home. And now here we are, back home again. E is sleeping so much better again now that he is in his own bed, though we are still working to get him to sleep through the night like he had been doing before our trip. baby steps...

It was good to visit family and friends, but it is wonderful to be home. There is nothing like being home sweet home.

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Ted Grimmer said...

I enjoyed reading your post, Hannah! It’s good that you visited your dentist and found out that you have cavities. At least now you know what measures to take in order for your oral health to prosper. The best way to take care of your teeth is regular brushing and flossing, and of course regular dental checkups. In any way, thanks for sharing that! All the best to your family!

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