Friday, February 28, 2014

just some stuff. five on friday

Three days this week I got all there babies to take their morning nap at the same time. It. was. glorious. And I kind of felt like a baby whisperer or something. I praise Jesus each time it happens (and for hours after) and pray that it will happen again and again ... and again :)
I'm pretty sure I need this. source

Every night after dinner I have to have a cookie (or five). I can't help it. They are just so dang delicious. And after lunch I have to end it with a tiny little sweet, like a Kiss or something. Just one is usually enough. But I have to have that little sweet. Please tell me I'm not the only one?
these look so yummy! source

Landon got a new laptop for his school/work job. He has an old desktop in his office at school, but since he TAs three days a week he needed to be able to take a computer with him. His advisor gave him the okay and some funds so he bought one the other week. The best part about this is that he only needs it at school a few days a week so the other days he leaves it at home for me to use. This is particularly nice because our desktop is dying and isreally quite retarded most days. Super slow. Randomly shuts off. Freezes. .... Last night I tried to upload some pictures and it kept freezing. Five times. We really need a new one since it's all I have to use, but until that day comes I am quite enjoying the days I get to use his fancy new laptop :)  Like today. The only downside: I can't upload pictures to it. Yet. We're still deciding if I should or not.
I am ready for Spring. Winter is nice and all: snow is pretty and peaceful to watch falling from inside your cozy home and there is a cozy feeling to being all bundled up. But, I am ready to see little green and pink and purple buds on the tree branches, not have to spend an hour getting Emerson's coat on him just to get him inside of a store to then promptly take it off, go on walks in the afternoons, get out of the house, and sunshine. 
I have been reading "The Book Thief". One of my good friends recommended it a while ago, but I was keeping busy with either work or learning how to be a new mama that I never made the time to read it. But, I got it the other day from the library and am loving it. Every single page. So much so that I am considering buying it. It's that good. I haven't finished yet, so don't give me any spoilers if you have read it.   

I hope you all have a happy weekend welcoming March!
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

12 month mini photo session

A few weekends ago I decided I needed some good ol' 12 month pictures of my sweet little growing boy. So I did the only thing I could: I dressed him in something cute and then took a bazillion pictures of him. These are some of my favorites... 

I love this little man so stinkin' much! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

winter hand care

All year round my hands suffer from being rather dry. However, when winter arrives, it's like my hands never see any relief. In past winters my hands would be dry and cracked and occasionally bleed because I worked with children and teenagers so I would wash my hands as much as possible (can't have those germs, ya know?). But even if I had time away from kids my hands still suffered. I just have skin issues. It's pretty sad.
Anyhow, it's especially bad this winter. Maybe largely in part because I wash my hands about five hundred three dozen times a day what with all the diaper changes, bottle preparing, and food making I do each day. There have been times it hurt to wash my hands because they were so dry and cracked. On several occasions I would be doing something so simple, like typing, and I'd look down to see blood all over my fingers. Just because I moved my fingers a little too much and the tiny crack that was already present gave way and couldn't hold on any longer. Band-aides were one of my best friends for a while.
But after a while of painful hands I decided to do something about it. Something more than just washing and drying my hands and then rubbing some lotion on them. I bought some gloves. First I got gloves to use when I washed dishes at night and then I got some disposable vinyl gloves to use for diaper changes.
Best thing ever. Not only do those wonderful little gloves help keep  my hands from cracking so much, they also keep my hands safe from baby poos. I'm really not sure why I didn't invest in those suckers sooner. Baby poo is gross and messy and stinky... and when there is a not so occasional blow-out, well then... I'll let you use your imagination. So, the gloves are my little hand saver.    
I like to have some antibacterial hand sanitizer on the diaper changing table (for the times I have to wipe noses or tushes or I just feel like I need some). Since it is something I use a lot it's nice to occasionally have a sweet smelling one. It's the little things. Then I keep a mini one in the basket of the babies diapers and wipes because I tote that around the house most afternoons. The gloves stay in the basket too, of course.

The other things here are some I like to use and some I actually use on a daily basis, like the big bottle of lotion -it's cheap for so much of it. I like how St. Ives doesn't have any parabens or phthalates.

Hands down (haha... get it? hands down? I amuse myself sometimes :) my favorite lotions are from Bubble and Bee. They don't add any harmful chemicals and because of that the lotions and body buttas actually moisturize your hands and keep them feeling nice and fresh for longer than five minutes. I would like to use it every day, but they are for times my hands are desperately dry; they cost a little bit more but they are so very worth it. In the winter time you can always find me with a lotion stick. Even Landon really likes their stuff because it's so awesome. I'm allowed to give it to him as a stocking stuffer! I could go on and on about how much I love their products, but I'll spare you and stop here.

And then of course, some nice little gloves for washing dishes helps keeps my hands from getting desert like. I don't have ones quite this fun, but they work just the same.

Do you suffer from dry skin? Do you have any special remedies or tricks to keep them nice and smooth?    

*It would be nice if I was being compensated to share about all of these great products, but I'm not. Which is fine. I just wanted to share the things I use for my hands. But seriously, if Bubble and Bee wants to send me some free stuff to review for them I would be more than happy to :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

13 months old

On Friday Emerson turned 13 months. I still feel like he is growing up too fast! I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep doing little monthly updates, but for now I'll share a few things about my little 13 month old man.


You are sleeping through the night and we are all loving it! Occasionally you will wake up and let out a little cry, but you always go back to sleep fairly quickly, so I wonder if you are even really awake at all. With the exception of about a week or so ago when you woke up screaming. It startled me to hear you crying like that and I worried that something was very wrong. But, after we rocked and cuddled for a while I laid you back down and you slept the rest of the night through. Bad dream? Upset tummy? Whatever it was I'm glad it went away.

You are a very friendly little guy and are getting better about sharing your toys and books with your buddies (though there is still plenty of room for growth in that area). Sometimes you will even pick up  Bee's paci, take it over to her, and stick it in her mouth. It is adorable. But then sometimes you take it right back out, you little stinker!

You still enjoy meal time and will happily eat just about anything we give you, though you still aren't eating everything we are. I don't want you to be allergic to something and us not catch it. Slowly but surely you are getting lots of new foods in your belly. Right now your favorite is banana, you even say it, "ba" and smile really big. When I ask if you want some banana you smile and nod your head yes. Sometimes it seems to be the only thing you want to eat.

You are walking everywhere these days! And you are so proud of yourself. Sometimes you'll walk over to something and make a sound as if you are trying to tell me you want or need something from that room. Like, the other night after we came upstairs after dinner instead of playing like we usually do, you walked over to the laundry room and put your little hand on the door and said, "ba" (it's where we keep your duck bath). I asked you if you wanted to take your bath, you nodded your head, smiled, and said, "ba!" So, we took a bath and you were very excited about it.

You say Mama and have your 'b' sound down: bath, banana, bread, book, ball, Boady, bed... It's like you are say all of those words but can only get the ba sound out right now. Though, we know what you mean when you say "ba" and go after your ball or book. You have said Dada a handful of times, your daddy keeps trying to get you to say it more and more.

You are still wearing some six month clothes but are mostly in nine month now and are still wearing a size there diaper.

You have just cut two more teeth, or are about too. One is a little further along than the other and one I saw for the first time yesterday. So, you kind of have eight teeth, though it still looks like only six when  you smile.

You love following me around. Where ever I am or go, you want to be too. If I'm getting ready in the morning, you want to be in the bathroom too. I have allowed you to go through the bottom two drawers in the bathroom where I keep my stuff, you really like my makeup bag... well, you like taking everything out of it and throwing it on the floor and then picking one thing to carry around with you all morning.

Some favorites include: bath time, bed time, reading books (by yourself and with me), randomly giving me hugs and kisses, wanting to be held, socks, and looking around when we go to the grocery store.

A few new things you are doing: waving hi and bye, clapping, folding your hands when we pray (sometimes), dancing, and singing.

I am just so blessed to be your mama. Watching you learn and grow brings me so much joy and I am so thankful I get to spend my days with you. I love you to the stars and beyond.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

a question for those with fancy smart/iphones

More and more these days I am feeling like a lone soul when it comes to the device I use to call people. It's a simple little cell phone, one that does what I need it to: call and text people. It can take a picture but it's not the type of phone to use to do lots of picture taking on, like say, an iPhone. But, the phone works. It's all the hubby and I need right now and it's the cheapest deal we can find. And we are cheap, so it's perfect. In fact, I really like this little phone of mine and am sad because I am probably going to have to replace it soon since it's kind of on the fritz.

Sometimes though, I can't help but dream about the day when hubby will have a real job again and I will probably too when we can afford smart phones. In reality, by the time he has a real job again and if I should go back to teaching, smart phones will probably be the only phones offered any more. Unless you want a simple phone that doesn't even have a little keyboard to make texting easier. It's something we joke about in this house.

I had this phone once and I liked it a lot, but it wasn't great for texting...

For years I have seen friends and family with iPhones and I always think of how nice it would be to have one. What is it about them that is so appealing to me (and millions of others)?

Anyhow, like I said, we don't have iPhones, but in the recent past we have been gifted an iPad and an iPod for Landon. We have enjoyed these two i-things very much; especially when Landon traveled for work, which allowed us to facetime. Shortly after Emerson was born one of my sister's practically begged me to get instagram and post a picture every day of him (I don't always get a picture up, but I try!). And since then I have taken oodles of pictures on our iPad. It might be one of my favorite things about it, the picture taking capability.    

Here's where I have a question though, and I'm really hoping you all can help me out. What do you do with all of the pictures on your iphone (other i-device)? Eventually you will max out on your storage space, but of course you want to continue taking pictures on your iPhone. So, what do you do? Do you just delete them all (whaaa?) or save them to your computer and then delete them? Or upload them to Shutterfly and then delete them? Or all of the above? Or something else entirely? That I can do for free. I want to make sure to always have the videos and pictures I have taken on our iPad, but how do I do that? Goodness, those videos are some of the only ones I have of E, I can't loose those! So how do you make sure you can keep all of your precious iPhone pictures but not run out of storage? Does this make any sense? I hope so. And I'd really appreciate your thoughts and wisdom on the matter.

Ok, thanks! :) 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a blanket, a book, and a mug

Lately I have been finding that having some good ol' quality 'me' time is so important. With being a mama and babysitting two other babies all day, alone time (and even just space to myself for that matter) is hard to come by. I love sleep, but I have come to enjoy getting up before anyone else in the morning just to have some quiet time. On the days when I oversleep (as in, it is 6:07 and I wake up to my sweet little boy chatting or screeching in his crib) I find that I am not so ready to take on the day.

Before Christmas I started setting my alarm to get up at least 40 minutes before I thought Emerson might wake up. And even though it was dark outside that early in the morning, I think that I was able to get up consistently early each morning because I was able to sit by the glowing lights on my tree. The coziness made it better. Now that the tree is gone I am in the habit of getting up early and having my quiet time -praying, reading a devotional and my Bible, and journaling if I can. Most mornings I can even get my makeup on too before my little gooseberry wakes up. While it would be ideal to have my quiet time during E's first nap of the day, I cannot plan on having that quiet time because of the two other babies. So early morning it is.

Another time of the day I know I will have some alone time is during E's afternoon nap. This nap usually happens around 3, which is also when the babies are picked up by their parents. I really like this arrangement. Although, if the parents are ever late in picking up their babies.... ooooo.... I am not so happy then. They are cutting into 'my' time and I don't like it. But I'll spare you my complaints.

Anyhow. During the afternoon nap time is when I am able to do any blogging, email writing, dinner prep, or other such things. I know I should probably use this time for things like cleaning or chores or something else productive, but by the end of the day with three babies, I. am. done. Plus any cleaning I would likely do would probably wake the baby (the dog barks at the vacuum and broom and the dishes make too much noise...), and we don't want that, do we? Maybe that's lazy of me, but honestly, I don't really care. The floors will be cleaned, the laundry done, and the bathrooms scrubbed one day... but that day is not usually today (it's usually the few days before my in-laws come to visit us :) Is that bad?

All that to say, I think it is important to find some good alone time, especially when you are a mama. Although it's just as important to find that alone time when you are married or single too. Maybe you are one of those super moms who does it all and doesn't feel the need to have time to do what ever you want; if that's you, I admire you. I really do. In some ways, I wish I was like you. But for now, I will let my house get a little dirty (and stay that way for a while), cherish the few hours I get to be alone each day, and play with my baby while he is awake.

Do you have alone time? A quiet time? When is your quiet time? How do you spend your alone time?

Monday, February 17, 2014

and he's walking

It's official. My baby boy is now walking. He has been taking steps for for a while now, but just recently he has started walking without falling down so much and hardly crawling at all. He's just getting so big. I guess, technically, you could say he was 'officially' walking last weekend, but he is hardly crawling at all these days... a walker is what he is. How did he get here so fast? Now my days are spent chasing around this little booty that is on the verge of running... and oh, he tries to! 

In other news I went on a sweet little Valentine's Day date with my boys on Saturday. We shared a delicious lunch at Chipotle and then went grocery shopping (the grocery shopping part was not part of the date, it just needed to be done). 

On Friday night L came home and made a pizza for our dinner (we were too hungry and ate it all before I could take a picture of his amazing culinary skills - he made a heart shaped pizza. Such a romantic :). While he was fixing dinner I got E ready for bed and by the time bath and story time was done, so was our dinner. Landon even suggested watching "When Harry Met Sally", he had never seen it before and it was referenced in a show we had watched earlier in the week. It was a nice way to end the week. 

Anyhow. That's that. I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day weekend. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

happy surprises and some valentine's treats

Happy Valentine's Day!! 

And now on to other stuff... The other day one of my sisters-in-law told me that Emerson had a little package coming to him this week. Naturally he was pretty excited about this news. I know I was. Getting "real" mail is just the best thing next to sliced bread. So I was anticipating getting a little package for him and was so excited when it arrived. 

They sent E a little (Nike) sweat suit and it is adorable! Aren't all tiny clothes the cutest though? And they sent him so real walking shoes. They just kill me! They are too stinkin' cute! E loves them too. If he sees the shoes laying on the floor he will pick them up and walk (!!!) over to me while he holds them out in his hands. Then he looks at me, the shoes, his feet, and goes, "Uuu," as if to say, "put them on my feet please." He's so polite.

What I was not expecting to see was a little treat for the hubs and me. His sisters put together the sweetest little jar for us (though in reality, this snack will all be eaten by me as Landon doesn't really like M&Ms or marshmallows and he's not going to pick through just for the teddy grams :). It made my week getting that in the mail. It was so thoughtful of them to add this little jar in for us. 

The funny thing about it is that I had just thought about making that same little snack. I had all of the ingredients, all I needed to do was mix them together. But lo and behold, they did that for me! And they attached the cutest little heart tag. So sweet!

This jar has become my Valentine's Day decoration... and it's a good thing Valentine's Day is tomorrow 'cause I'm not sure how long those little treats will last before I gobble them all up!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I hope you have a sweet one, however you end up celebrating the day.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

little holiday gifts: valentine's day

For each holiday I try and do a little craft of some sort with Emerson and the babies I watch. I'm not sure why I didn't do crafts with just Emerson last year for the holidays. Oh, wait. Maybe I do. I was busy being a brand new mama for Valentine's Day last year and baby crafts were the very last thing on my mind. I was a little more concerned with making sure my baby got over breast milk jaundice, stayed fed (which took about an hour and was done every two hours -on. the. dot.), slept, had clean diapers on his itty bitty booty, that I ate, brushed my teeth, showered, dressed, and slept if the babe allowed me to. So basically, figuring out all the new mama stuff. Crafts were the last thing on my mind. Though I thought I ought to get his little foot prints at one point in there I decided against it because I had the prints they made at the hospital when he was newly born (though sadly, no newborn hand prints).

So there were no Valentine's Day crafts with E last year, or Easter crafts. At Easter I was a little more concerned with figuring out what would help him not scream, pull away, fight, and cry while he ate. I was busy soothing him and thinking about what I could do to help him. What could make it better. I spent my time taking him to the doctor and then giving him medicine for thrush. I was busy trying not to cry every time I held him because it hurt to have him against me; but oh, how I loved holding him all the same. I was busy fighting the pain as I nursed my poor sweet little baby. I was busy fighting thrush and mastitis. I was busy figuring out how to make life better for us. So, no, there were no Easter crafts with my new little burrito baby last year.

And the summer holidays, well... while I am proud to be an American, I just don't really get into that holiday. So, no. No crafts there either. Though, I may have made some cookies...

But for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas I finally managed to make some crafts. And, not only did I make crafts just my baby, but with the little girl I watch too.

For Christmas we made ornaments - green trees with their feet on a clear ball and then a little white glitter glue for snow with their name on it. I forgot to take a picture before packing all the ornaments away this year. Woops. Maybe I'll dig it out and add a picture for you :)

Because all of the previous holiday crafts were so similar I wanted to do something a little different for Valentine's Day. So I decided to take a few pictures and put them on a card. I mean, what parent does not want or like a picture of their little baby?! The answer is none. And because I am so prepared for these holidays (it's like the pop up out of nowhere) and lacked a few supplies (and/or time) I just had them printed at the store instead. Win win.


And the exciting part about these little cards was that I found a coupon code (here). So really, it's a win win win. In the end I spent a few dollars less on these cards than I did for their Christmas craft! Snap.

I'm excited to get their cards and have them give them to their parents tomorrow afternoon! I hope they like them :)

What about you? Do you do crafts with your little(s) one? What are some of your favorites? Do share!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Plans?

Valentine's Day is a fun little holiday and I always try and do something special for my loved ones. But, we don't go all out and spend lots of money on gifts or dinner or anything really. We keep it simple around here. I mean, last year for Valentine's Day we went out to dinner at Qdoba and had an entirely free meal. It was awesome!, military discounts, give a kiss and get one meal free, rewards program... all of those things and more gave us one of the best meals ever, cause it was free and free just tastes better. It was a nice little date with the hubs and new baby. It was perfect.

This year we talked about doing something similar or even just staying at home. Honestly it's not a big deal to me if we don't go out, in fact, I prefer not to go out. The line and waits at restaurants are so long and it's so crowded, and well, I just don't like waiting for a long time with a bunch of people smashed up against  me. It's just not my kind of fun. Staying at home is much more relaxing. I can sit down and not have to worry about anyone smashing into me (oh wait, I have a 12 month old, so never mind...) What can I say? I'm a homebody. So if we do end up going out at all it will probably be to Qdoba or some other nice little restaurant like it.

Apart from the whole meal part of Valentine's Day a nice little gift is something we usually do. Growing up I would always get a little gift from my parents and it made the day special, so that is something I like to do for Landon and now Emerson too!

What do you like to do for Valentine's day? Stay in? Go out? Do you have any set traditions?

Monday, February 10, 2014

hidden emails : when blogger tricked me

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a girl named Hannah. She had a little blog and enjoyed writing and reading the blogs of others. She would even comment on these other blogs she enjoyed reading. When she received comments on her own blog she would try her very best to respond to the commenter, although sometimes it took her a while to do so. But she always enjoyed this interaction with the other bloggers, it made her day to get little notes from readers. Soon she considered many of these readers friends.

Anyhow. One day she got to wondering why none of them ever responded to the comments she would leave on their blogs. She knew that these were all really nice girls and was sure that they were the type to respond to her messages and notes to them. She made sure she wasn't a no-reply blogger- she wasn't, but she still wasn't getting any responses from them. Even from some friends she knew responded to comments. But still, she loved leaving notes for her friends so she continued to do so, hoping they would bring a little cheer their way, even if she never heard from them.

After a while (or months) of not getting any responses from the other bloggers she so much enjoyed she decided to do a little investigation. Again. This time she was extremely thorough. Finally she had a break through and discovered the reason she wasn't receiving any responses from her friends.

All of the responses were going to an email she never used and didn't really even realize she even had. Silly girl. Foolish girl. How could she not realize this sooner? How could she not know about this email account?

Okay, so maybe she knew about the email account, but it was a back-up one that she never used. But somehow, Google/Blogger decided to make it the default email address on her Blogger account instead of the email address she had entered when making the account. And somehow it took her f-o-r-e-v-e-r to figure this out. Sad really.

Upon her discovery of the hundreds of emails responding to comments she had made on her friends blogs her heart went pitter patter and jumped for joy. She was so happy to have all of these emails. But at the same time sad because she felt as though she had missed out on many meaningful conversations just because of this mix up. And now, months later, she doesn't feel as though it would be appropriate to respond to them (or would it be?). Though she still might respond, albeit a little late on some of them!

Moral of the story: Hannah has fixed her email with Blogger and this situation should never happen again. Also, if you feel as though you are in the same boat Hannah was, maybe you should check the email you have listed in blogger to see where comments are going.

...oh, I am so embarrassed. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

treats, decorations, and toothaches: five on friday

I thinks it's always fun to link up on Friday and just share a little bit of this and that, so that's what I'm doing!

1. Tonight as a special treat I am going to make this (or something close to it). I have been dreaming about it all week and am so excited to get my fingers on it tonight.

2. We had a snow day this week and it was so delightful and refreshing. I just love them. Also, I only had three babies one day this week. Toad's mama was very sick and then he started to come down with the same thing (H1N1 virus). So, he's been at home all week. I don't plan on watching him again until I know for certain that bug is out of his system! It has made for an easy week though, and I've very much enjoyed it!

3. Toothache. Way back in December, right after Christmas, I had a cavity filled. I was happy to have it filled and all (though not happy to have a cavity to begin with), but now it is giving me trouble. The whole left side of my face is in pain, pretty much constantly. I called my dentist to ask him about the pain and all. He said as long as it's around the time when I eat or drink something it's fine, it's just my nerves adjusting to the filling. Well, since then I have been making notes about the times I eat and drink and the time I have pain in my mouth. And, it's pretty much all of the time. There seems to be no real correlation between eating and pain. It's all pain. I'm hoping he can do something to help. I can't take Advil all of the time!

4. I was going to be brave and go to a Bible study at the church we have been going to for the last month and have been enjoying. But due to the weather they called all activities off, so there was no Bible study going for me. I'll just have to work my courage up again next Wednesday.

5. Valentine's Day is coming up and it makes me happy. We don't usually do a whole lot for Valentine's Day, but it's still fun just the same. I think this year we'll have pizza for dinner and watch a movie after E goes down for the night (kind of like we do every Friday night... :).


Thursday, February 6, 2014

a grocery shopping list printable

Each week it seems we have to go to the grocery store, yet again. This used to be a chore I somewhat enjoyed, but more and more I kind of dread going. I'm not sure when or why this change happend. Maybe because it's so cold out, or it can be tricky to go shopping with a 12 month old, or I just don't like spending lots of money on food (I mostly think it's the later...). But, it is something that must be done. And while I would be happy living on a diet of noodles, rice, beans, eggs, and Pop Tarts (although it may not be so healthy...) the hubs would not be. So to the grocery store I must go.

Because I have always been the forgetful type and the type that likes to have a plan, I have to write down the things I need to get at the store, otherwise I will come home to make french toast and only have the eggs and milk but not the bread. That has actually happened before. So I make my list and plan my meals for the week ahead of time (and I try to use coupons, but that just doesn't always happen). 

A while back I found this free printable grocery list. I thought it looked cute and helpful, so I printed it out and tried it. And oh my goodness, I love making my list on this thing. Before I found this I usually tried to write my list in the order of the store: produce, meats, breads, baking goods... but sometimes that didn't happen because I would write the list out quickly or forget something and have to add it in later. I would always try to rewrite my list in the order of the store but that doesn't always happen. Which is why I love this little printable so much. It keeps me organized and helps me stay focused when I shop. I only wish I was creative/computer savvy enough to make this in the first place. 

click here for the printable

The only thing I wish it had was a space to write your meals for the week. I always like to see what I am planning on making that week. But since it doesn't have a special spot for that I usually just write our meals at the top of the page.

How do you do your grocery shopping? Do you plan your meals out for the week? Do you love grocery shopping (wanna come do mine for me :)? Any tips or tricks you have up your sleeve?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a day with three babies

Since August I have been babysitting a baby girl four months younger than Emerson. When I started watching her my days changed drastically. No longer was I just devoting my time to E, I now had to divide it, somehow. It was a transition that took some time. I had to get used to caring for two babies instead of just one. I had to figure out a new baby, what her cries meant, how much she ate, when she napped, how long she would nap for, and everything else that goes along with figuring out a baby (well, as best as possible anyhow). Eventually I got used to watching Baby Girl and E made his first best friend.

My days were busy and long. But I got used to watching two babies and even occasionally got brave and do some crafts with them. The whole time I was watching Baby Girl (Bee) I knew I needed to watch another baby to really make things (finances) work for us. One baby wasn't going to provide the income we needed. So, while I never really actively looked for another baby to watch (honestly, I didn't want to... three babies is cra-cra) I still kept "looking". In a little turn of events I was recommended to another teacher at Bee's Mom's school and started watching Baby Boy (Toad), who was two months old, in December.

Thankfully December was a slow month, meaning: I only watched Toad part time. And Hubs was home many of those days so if I needed his help he would jump in and take Emerson for me. I could not have survived those first days without him. I barely made it with his help. Once school started in January it was three babies full time and man oh man. The babies keep me busy. There is rarely a moment that they let me sit down (or wash my hands after a diaper change). I wanted to quit. I didn't (and still don't) like the pressure of having to keep two babies to help bring home the bacon. But, I couldn't just quit. So here we are.

Right now I have somewhat of a routine, I would have a melt down every day if I didn't. Not even kidding. A typical day looks a lot like this, but of course nothing is exact when it comes to babies and times...

8:15-8:30ish - the babies arrive. Bee and E play upstairs. Toad naps.

9:00 - Bee goes down for her morning nap.

9:00-10:00ish - Toad wakes up and has a bottle.

10:00 - E goes down for his morning nap.

10:00-10:30ish - Bee wakes up and has a bottle.

10:30ish-11:30ish (or whenever E wakes up) - Bee and Toad play in the basement.

11:30-12:30ish - lunch time for E and Bee. Toad likes to watch. If I'm lucky I get to have a few bites of lunch too.

12:30 - 2:00 - E, Bee, and Toad all play upstairs.

1:00 - Toad goes down for his afternoon nap.

2:00 - Bee goes down for her afternoon nap.

2:00-3:00 - E and Mama get some play time together.

3:00 - E goes down for his afternoon nap. Pick up time for Bee and Toad.

4:00-5:00 - E will wake up any time during this hour, though he usually wakes up around 4:45. But each day is different...

Granted that's without all of the diaper changes that happen (some days it seems like that is the only thing I do, holy moly three babies = a. lot. of diapers) or what happens when all three need/want something at the same time, when one is starving and another in desperate need of a nap while the third is about to crawl off to Neverland. Sometimes they are all content, sometimes they are all crying and have tiny little tears rolling down their sweet little baby faces, and sometimes they are all chuckling (or looking really confused) at me while I try and entertain them.

And that's the day with three babies. Of course life goes on after the babies leave but I might save that for another time. Maybe I'll share a glimpse of what a day with just one baby looks like. I know I always enjoy seeing how other mamas and babies spend their days.

Anyhow. There's what a typical day looks like for me. It is exhausting, but I love the giggles, hugs, and play time that is sprinkled throughout it.