Monday, February 24, 2014

13 months old

On Friday Emerson turned 13 months. I still feel like he is growing up too fast! I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep doing little monthly updates, but for now I'll share a few things about my little 13 month old man.


You are sleeping through the night and we are all loving it! Occasionally you will wake up and let out a little cry, but you always go back to sleep fairly quickly, so I wonder if you are even really awake at all. With the exception of about a week or so ago when you woke up screaming. It startled me to hear you crying like that and I worried that something was very wrong. But, after we rocked and cuddled for a while I laid you back down and you slept the rest of the night through. Bad dream? Upset tummy? Whatever it was I'm glad it went away.

You are a very friendly little guy and are getting better about sharing your toys and books with your buddies (though there is still plenty of room for growth in that area). Sometimes you will even pick up  Bee's paci, take it over to her, and stick it in her mouth. It is adorable. But then sometimes you take it right back out, you little stinker!

You still enjoy meal time and will happily eat just about anything we give you, though you still aren't eating everything we are. I don't want you to be allergic to something and us not catch it. Slowly but surely you are getting lots of new foods in your belly. Right now your favorite is banana, you even say it, "ba" and smile really big. When I ask if you want some banana you smile and nod your head yes. Sometimes it seems to be the only thing you want to eat.

You are walking everywhere these days! And you are so proud of yourself. Sometimes you'll walk over to something and make a sound as if you are trying to tell me you want or need something from that room. Like, the other night after we came upstairs after dinner instead of playing like we usually do, you walked over to the laundry room and put your little hand on the door and said, "ba" (it's where we keep your duck bath). I asked you if you wanted to take your bath, you nodded your head, smiled, and said, "ba!" So, we took a bath and you were very excited about it.

You say Mama and have your 'b' sound down: bath, banana, bread, book, ball, Boady, bed... It's like you are say all of those words but can only get the ba sound out right now. Though, we know what you mean when you say "ba" and go after your ball or book. You have said Dada a handful of times, your daddy keeps trying to get you to say it more and more.

You are still wearing some six month clothes but are mostly in nine month now and are still wearing a size there diaper.

You have just cut two more teeth, or are about too. One is a little further along than the other and one I saw for the first time yesterday. So, you kind of have eight teeth, though it still looks like only six when  you smile.

You love following me around. Where ever I am or go, you want to be too. If I'm getting ready in the morning, you want to be in the bathroom too. I have allowed you to go through the bottom two drawers in the bathroom where I keep my stuff, you really like my makeup bag... well, you like taking everything out of it and throwing it on the floor and then picking one thing to carry around with you all morning.

Some favorites include: bath time, bed time, reading books (by yourself and with me), randomly giving me hugs and kisses, wanting to be held, socks, and looking around when we go to the grocery store.

A few new things you are doing: waving hi and bye, clapping, folding your hands when we pray (sometimes), dancing, and singing.

I am just so blessed to be your mama. Watching you learn and grow brings me so much joy and I am so thankful I get to spend my days with you. I love you to the stars and beyond.


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