Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a blanket, a book, and a mug

Lately I have been finding that having some good ol' quality 'me' time is so important. With being a mama and babysitting two other babies all day, alone time (and even just space to myself for that matter) is hard to come by. I love sleep, but I have come to enjoy getting up before anyone else in the morning just to have some quiet time. On the days when I oversleep (as in, it is 6:07 and I wake up to my sweet little boy chatting or screeching in his crib) I find that I am not so ready to take on the day.

Before Christmas I started setting my alarm to get up at least 40 minutes before I thought Emerson might wake up. And even though it was dark outside that early in the morning, I think that I was able to get up consistently early each morning because I was able to sit by the glowing lights on my tree. The coziness made it better. Now that the tree is gone I am in the habit of getting up early and having my quiet time -praying, reading a devotional and my Bible, and journaling if I can. Most mornings I can even get my makeup on too before my little gooseberry wakes up. While it would be ideal to have my quiet time during E's first nap of the day, I cannot plan on having that quiet time because of the two other babies. So early morning it is.

Another time of the day I know I will have some alone time is during E's afternoon nap. This nap usually happens around 3, which is also when the babies are picked up by their parents. I really like this arrangement. Although, if the parents are ever late in picking up their babies.... ooooo.... I am not so happy then. They are cutting into 'my' time and I don't like it. But I'll spare you my complaints.

Anyhow. During the afternoon nap time is when I am able to do any blogging, email writing, dinner prep, or other such things. I know I should probably use this time for things like cleaning or chores or something else productive, but by the end of the day with three babies, I. am. done. Plus any cleaning I would likely do would probably wake the baby (the dog barks at the vacuum and broom and the dishes make too much noise...), and we don't want that, do we? Maybe that's lazy of me, but honestly, I don't really care. The floors will be cleaned, the laundry done, and the bathrooms scrubbed one day... but that day is not usually today (it's usually the few days before my in-laws come to visit us :) Is that bad?

All that to say, I think it is important to find some good alone time, especially when you are a mama. Although it's just as important to find that alone time when you are married or single too. Maybe you are one of those super moms who does it all and doesn't feel the need to have time to do what ever you want; if that's you, I admire you. I really do. In some ways, I wish I was like you. But for now, I will let my house get a little dirty (and stay that way for a while), cherish the few hours I get to be alone each day, and play with my baby while he is awake.

Do you have alone time? A quiet time? When is your quiet time? How do you spend your alone time?


Sarah said...

Alone time is hard to come by when you are a mama. I like to snuggle up with a good book or TV show. Naps are always good too :) I am a new follower! Can't wait to read more!

Susannah said...

I definitely crave my "me" time and, thankfully, get a lot of it. I do worry about how I'll get it when we have kids but I know it'll work out.

Lauren said...

I think a little alone time is SUCH a good thing!! Great perspective - the cleaning can definitely wait ;)

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Oh man, I used to be a nanny and I still remember my complaints about lateness! And I'm so lazy about cleaning too. I'm pretty sure we should be best friends in real life ha! I love your motivation for getting up early for alone time, maybe I will be better about this.

Laura said...

Alone time is sooooo important! And no, it's not bad to only clean deeply when the in-laws are coming. :) I get up early before the rest of the house too for my Bible time, and it's been the best habit I've ever disciplined myself to do. So glad it's working for you too!

Amy said...

My "alone" time is when Cash goes to bed at night or during nap a couple times a week. I like to DIY & read blogs. :)