Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a day with three babies

Since August I have been babysitting a baby girl four months younger than Emerson. When I started watching her my days changed drastically. No longer was I just devoting my time to E, I now had to divide it, somehow. It was a transition that took some time. I had to get used to caring for two babies instead of just one. I had to figure out a new baby, what her cries meant, how much she ate, when she napped, how long she would nap for, and everything else that goes along with figuring out a baby (well, as best as possible anyhow). Eventually I got used to watching Baby Girl and E made his first best friend.

My days were busy and long. But I got used to watching two babies and even occasionally got brave and do some crafts with them. The whole time I was watching Baby Girl (Bee) I knew I needed to watch another baby to really make things (finances) work for us. One baby wasn't going to provide the income we needed. So, while I never really actively looked for another baby to watch (honestly, I didn't want to... three babies is cra-cra) I still kept "looking". In a little turn of events I was recommended to another teacher at Bee's Mom's school and started watching Baby Boy (Toad), who was two months old, in December.

Thankfully December was a slow month, meaning: I only watched Toad part time. And Hubs was home many of those days so if I needed his help he would jump in and take Emerson for me. I could not have survived those first days without him. I barely made it with his help. Once school started in January it was three babies full time and man oh man. The babies keep me busy. There is rarely a moment that they let me sit down (or wash my hands after a diaper change). I wanted to quit. I didn't (and still don't) like the pressure of having to keep two babies to help bring home the bacon. But, I couldn't just quit. So here we are.

Right now I have somewhat of a routine, I would have a melt down every day if I didn't. Not even kidding. A typical day looks a lot like this, but of course nothing is exact when it comes to babies and times...

8:15-8:30ish - the babies arrive. Bee and E play upstairs. Toad naps.

9:00 - Bee goes down for her morning nap.

9:00-10:00ish - Toad wakes up and has a bottle.

10:00 - E goes down for his morning nap.

10:00-10:30ish - Bee wakes up and has a bottle.

10:30ish-11:30ish (or whenever E wakes up) - Bee and Toad play in the basement.

11:30-12:30ish - lunch time for E and Bee. Toad likes to watch. If I'm lucky I get to have a few bites of lunch too.

12:30 - 2:00 - E, Bee, and Toad all play upstairs.

1:00 - Toad goes down for his afternoon nap.

2:00 - Bee goes down for her afternoon nap.

2:00-3:00 - E and Mama get some play time together.

3:00 - E goes down for his afternoon nap. Pick up time for Bee and Toad.

4:00-5:00 - E will wake up any time during this hour, though he usually wakes up around 4:45. But each day is different...

Granted that's without all of the diaper changes that happen (some days it seems like that is the only thing I do, holy moly three babies = a. lot. of diapers) or what happens when all three need/want something at the same time, when one is starving and another in desperate need of a nap while the third is about to crawl off to Neverland. Sometimes they are all content, sometimes they are all crying and have tiny little tears rolling down their sweet little baby faces, and sometimes they are all chuckling (or looking really confused) at me while I try and entertain them.

And that's the day with three babies. Of course life goes on after the babies leave but I might save that for another time. Maybe I'll share a glimpse of what a day with just one baby looks like. I know I always enjoy seeing how other mamas and babies spend their days.

Anyhow. There's what a typical day looks like for me. It is exhausting, but I love the giggles, hugs, and play time that is sprinkled throughout it.


Alisha said...

You are a busy gal! My goodness, that is awesome though! They are all cutie pies!

Silver Lining Decor said...

I can't even imagine! One is so much work, you are really an amazing woman to juggle three! They are all adorable, though ;)

Rachel Lynn said...

With expecting my first, just thinking about one baby is daunting....I can't even imagine three. Good job and good luck!

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Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Ok, where do they all sleep? Three cribs in three separate rooms? And I would love to see a house tour!

Susannah said...

Oh goodness, this exhausts me just reading it!