Thursday, February 6, 2014

a grocery shopping list printable

Each week it seems we have to go to the grocery store, yet again. This used to be a chore I somewhat enjoyed, but more and more I kind of dread going. I'm not sure when or why this change happend. Maybe because it's so cold out, or it can be tricky to go shopping with a 12 month old, or I just don't like spending lots of money on food (I mostly think it's the later...). But, it is something that must be done. And while I would be happy living on a diet of noodles, rice, beans, eggs, and Pop Tarts (although it may not be so healthy...) the hubs would not be. So to the grocery store I must go.

Because I have always been the forgetful type and the type that likes to have a plan, I have to write down the things I need to get at the store, otherwise I will come home to make french toast and only have the eggs and milk but not the bread. That has actually happened before. So I make my list and plan my meals for the week ahead of time (and I try to use coupons, but that just doesn't always happen). 

A while back I found this free printable grocery list. I thought it looked cute and helpful, so I printed it out and tried it. And oh my goodness, I love making my list on this thing. Before I found this I usually tried to write my list in the order of the store: produce, meats, breads, baking goods... but sometimes that didn't happen because I would write the list out quickly or forget something and have to add it in later. I would always try to rewrite my list in the order of the store but that doesn't always happen. Which is why I love this little printable so much. It keeps me organized and helps me stay focused when I shop. I only wish I was creative/computer savvy enough to make this in the first place. 

click here for the printable

The only thing I wish it had was a space to write your meals for the week. I always like to see what I am planning on making that week. But since it doesn't have a special spot for that I usually just write our meals at the top of the page.

How do you do your grocery shopping? Do you plan your meals out for the week? Do you love grocery shopping (wanna come do mine for me :)? Any tips or tricks you have up your sleeve?


Rachel Lynn said...

I am the EXACT same way. I make my meal plan and then my grocery list...and sometimes I STILL manage to miss items. I just use a piece of paper though...I shop at three different places usually to get all my organic stuff so separate my list that way instead of by type of item.

Thanks for sharing though!

My Wholesome Home

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the printable! I love the designated departments. I used to love grocery shopping, too, & now it's just another chore that I'm not a fan of. Ah well.