Friday, February 14, 2014

happy surprises and some valentine's treats

Happy Valentine's Day!! 

And now on to other stuff... The other day one of my sisters-in-law told me that Emerson had a little package coming to him this week. Naturally he was pretty excited about this news. I know I was. Getting "real" mail is just the best thing next to sliced bread. So I was anticipating getting a little package for him and was so excited when it arrived. 

They sent E a little (Nike) sweat suit and it is adorable! Aren't all tiny clothes the cutest though? And they sent him so real walking shoes. They just kill me! They are too stinkin' cute! E loves them too. If he sees the shoes laying on the floor he will pick them up and walk (!!!) over to me while he holds them out in his hands. Then he looks at me, the shoes, his feet, and goes, "Uuu," as if to say, "put them on my feet please." He's so polite.

What I was not expecting to see was a little treat for the hubs and me. His sisters put together the sweetest little jar for us (though in reality, this snack will all be eaten by me as Landon doesn't really like M&Ms or marshmallows and he's not going to pick through just for the teddy grams :). It made my week getting that in the mail. It was so thoughtful of them to add this little jar in for us. 

The funny thing about it is that I had just thought about making that same little snack. I had all of the ingredients, all I needed to do was mix them together. But lo and behold, they did that for me! And they attached the cutest little heart tag. So sweet!

This jar has become my Valentine's Day decoration... and it's a good thing Valentine's Day is tomorrow 'cause I'm not sure how long those little treats will last before I gobble them all up!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I hope you have a sweet one, however you end up celebrating the day.


Lauren said...

I have all those ingredients at home...I may have to whip some up just because Elyse LOVES all those things!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Yumm, that snack looks delicious! And those precious!

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, how sweet of them! Those tiny shoes are too much - adorable!