Monday, February 10, 2014

hidden emails : when blogger tricked me

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a girl named Hannah. She had a little blog and enjoyed writing and reading the blogs of others. She would even comment on these other blogs she enjoyed reading. When she received comments on her own blog she would try her very best to respond to the commenter, although sometimes it took her a while to do so. But she always enjoyed this interaction with the other bloggers, it made her day to get little notes from readers. Soon she considered many of these readers friends.

Anyhow. One day she got to wondering why none of them ever responded to the comments she would leave on their blogs. She knew that these were all really nice girls and was sure that they were the type to respond to her messages and notes to them. She made sure she wasn't a no-reply blogger- she wasn't, but she still wasn't getting any responses from them. Even from some friends she knew responded to comments. But still, she loved leaving notes for her friends so she continued to do so, hoping they would bring a little cheer their way, even if she never heard from them.

After a while (or months) of not getting any responses from the other bloggers she so much enjoyed she decided to do a little investigation. Again. This time she was extremely thorough. Finally she had a break through and discovered the reason she wasn't receiving any responses from her friends.

All of the responses were going to an email she never used and didn't really even realize she even had. Silly girl. Foolish girl. How could she not realize this sooner? How could she not know about this email account?

Okay, so maybe she knew about the email account, but it was a back-up one that she never used. But somehow, Google/Blogger decided to make it the default email address on her Blogger account instead of the email address she had entered when making the account. And somehow it took her f-o-r-e-v-e-r to figure this out. Sad really.

Upon her discovery of the hundreds of emails responding to comments she had made on her friends blogs her heart went pitter patter and jumped for joy. She was so happy to have all of these emails. But at the same time sad because she felt as though she had missed out on many meaningful conversations just because of this mix up. And now, months later, she doesn't feel as though it would be appropriate to respond to them (or would it be?). Though she still might respond, albeit a little late on some of them!

Moral of the story: Hannah has fixed her email with Blogger and this situation should never happen again. Also, if you feel as though you are in the same boat Hannah was, maybe you should check the email you have listed in blogger to see where comments are going.

...oh, I am so embarrassed. 


Lauren said...

Ha! Oh girl, I hate it when computers seem to get the best of us...but I'm so glad you've figured out the problem!

Susannah said...

Oh no!!! I'm so glad you got it figured out!!! :-)

Rachel Lynn said...

First of sad to get no response...I feel the same way as you, those responses to my comments and comments on my own blog are the best parts of my day sometimes.

Second of all...OMG this had me cracking up. It was written so well.

Lastly...I'm glad you fixed it :)

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Andrea said...

Haha! Stupid blogger. I finally switched to the Disqus commenting system and am so happy with it. It ensures everyone is getting notified no matter what!

Laura said...

Oh no! So frustrating! I had to figure out a while back how to link my email so people could just click my name to respond to my comments. Blogger is great, but sometimes a lot of digging has to be done to get answers. So glad you got it figured out!

Callie Nicole said...

Ha, you're funny! I'm glad you got it fixed!

Amy said...

So frustrating! Glad you were able to figure it out, though! :)