Thursday, February 13, 2014

little holiday gifts: valentine's day

For each holiday I try and do a little craft of some sort with Emerson and the babies I watch. I'm not sure why I didn't do crafts with just Emerson last year for the holidays. Oh, wait. Maybe I do. I was busy being a brand new mama for Valentine's Day last year and baby crafts were the very last thing on my mind. I was a little more concerned with making sure my baby got over breast milk jaundice, stayed fed (which took about an hour and was done every two hours -on. the. dot.), slept, had clean diapers on his itty bitty booty, that I ate, brushed my teeth, showered, dressed, and slept if the babe allowed me to. So basically, figuring out all the new mama stuff. Crafts were the last thing on my mind. Though I thought I ought to get his little foot prints at one point in there I decided against it because I had the prints they made at the hospital when he was newly born (though sadly, no newborn hand prints).

So there were no Valentine's Day crafts with E last year, or Easter crafts. At Easter I was a little more concerned with figuring out what would help him not scream, pull away, fight, and cry while he ate. I was busy soothing him and thinking about what I could do to help him. What could make it better. I spent my time taking him to the doctor and then giving him medicine for thrush. I was busy trying not to cry every time I held him because it hurt to have him against me; but oh, how I loved holding him all the same. I was busy fighting the pain as I nursed my poor sweet little baby. I was busy fighting thrush and mastitis. I was busy figuring out how to make life better for us. So, no, there were no Easter crafts with my new little burrito baby last year.

And the summer holidays, well... while I am proud to be an American, I just don't really get into that holiday. So, no. No crafts there either. Though, I may have made some cookies...

But for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas I finally managed to make some crafts. And, not only did I make crafts just my baby, but with the little girl I watch too.

For Christmas we made ornaments - green trees with their feet on a clear ball and then a little white glitter glue for snow with their name on it. I forgot to take a picture before packing all the ornaments away this year. Woops. Maybe I'll dig it out and add a picture for you :)

Because all of the previous holiday crafts were so similar I wanted to do something a little different for Valentine's Day. So I decided to take a few pictures and put them on a card. I mean, what parent does not want or like a picture of their little baby?! The answer is none. And because I am so prepared for these holidays (it's like the pop up out of nowhere) and lacked a few supplies (and/or time) I just had them printed at the store instead. Win win.


And the exciting part about these little cards was that I found a coupon code (here). So really, it's a win win win. In the end I spent a few dollars less on these cards than I did for their Christmas craft! Snap.

I'm excited to get their cards and have them give them to their parents tomorrow afternoon! I hope they like them :)

What about you? Do you do crafts with your little(s) one? What are some of your favorites? Do share!

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