Friday, February 7, 2014

treats, decorations, and toothaches: five on friday

I thinks it's always fun to link up on Friday and just share a little bit of this and that, so that's what I'm doing!

1. Tonight as a special treat I am going to make this (or something close to it). I have been dreaming about it all week and am so excited to get my fingers on it tonight.

2. We had a snow day this week and it was so delightful and refreshing. I just love them. Also, I only had three babies one day this week. Toad's mama was very sick and then he started to come down with the same thing (H1N1 virus). So, he's been at home all week. I don't plan on watching him again until I know for certain that bug is out of his system! It has made for an easy week though, and I've very much enjoyed it!

3. Toothache. Way back in December, right after Christmas, I had a cavity filled. I was happy to have it filled and all (though not happy to have a cavity to begin with), but now it is giving me trouble. The whole left side of my face is in pain, pretty much constantly. I called my dentist to ask him about the pain and all. He said as long as it's around the time when I eat or drink something it's fine, it's just my nerves adjusting to the filling. Well, since then I have been making notes about the times I eat and drink and the time I have pain in my mouth. And, it's pretty much all of the time. There seems to be no real correlation between eating and pain. It's all pain. I'm hoping he can do something to help. I can't take Advil all of the time!

4. I was going to be brave and go to a Bible study at the church we have been going to for the last month and have been enjoying. But due to the weather they called all activities off, so there was no Bible study going for me. I'll just have to work my courage up again next Wednesday.

5. Valentine's Day is coming up and it makes me happy. We don't usually do a whole lot for Valentine's Day, but it's still fun just the same. I think this year we'll have pizza for dinner and watch a movie after E goes down for the night (kind of like we do every Friday night... :).



Brittany said...

That popcorn treat looks delicious! Stopping by from the link up. Have a great weekend!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Good for you on working on courage! That was a big obstacle I had to overcome here! It took a lot of courage to walk into playgroup that first day and a few after that. Now I love it and even made my first friends lol...who invited me to a bible study! Moral of the story is that you should go!!!