Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Plans?

Valentine's Day is a fun little holiday and I always try and do something special for my loved ones. But, we don't go all out and spend lots of money on gifts or dinner or anything really. We keep it simple around here. I mean, last year for Valentine's Day we went out to dinner at Qdoba and had an entirely free meal. It was awesome! ...coupons, military discounts, give a kiss and get one meal free, rewards program... all of those things and more gave us one of the best meals ever, cause it was free and free just tastes better. It was a nice little date with the hubs and new baby. It was perfect.

This year we talked about doing something similar or even just staying at home. Honestly it's not a big deal to me if we don't go out, in fact, I prefer not to go out. The line and waits at restaurants are so long and it's so crowded, and well, I just don't like waiting for a long time with a bunch of people smashed up against  me. It's just not my kind of fun. Staying at home is much more relaxing. I can sit down and not have to worry about anyone smashing into me (oh wait, I have a 12 month old, so never mind...) What can I say? I'm a homebody. So if we do end up going out at all it will probably be to Qdoba or some other nice little restaurant like it.

Apart from the whole meal part of Valentine's Day a nice little gift is something we usually do. Growing up I would always get a little gift from my parents and it made the day special, so that is something I like to do for Landon and now Emerson too!

What do you like to do for Valentine's day? Stay in? Go out? Do you have any set traditions?


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

I have NO plans because my husband is getting snowed in Atlanta and his flight will most likely be cancelled! Originally I had planned to cook whatever he wanted to eat and enjoy a quiet night in together.

Susannah said...

Nate just found out that he has to work late on Friday so it looks like we won't be doing anything Valentines Day that day. :-( I think we'll go out to dinner on Saturday.

Amy said...

We usually do a little something for each other. I will be making Luke & Cash a red & pink themed breakfast tomorrow & then Saturday we are having a family date day. Luke & I will be taking Cash to Toys R Us for the first time to look & play with toys, then doing some bumming around & then back home for the rest of the day. Low key. Just the way I like it. :)