Tuesday, February 25, 2014

winter hand care

All year round my hands suffer from being rather dry. However, when winter arrives, it's like my hands never see any relief. In past winters my hands would be dry and cracked and occasionally bleed because I worked with children and teenagers so I would wash my hands as much as possible (can't have those germs, ya know?). But even if I had time away from kids my hands still suffered. I just have skin issues. It's pretty sad.
Anyhow, it's especially bad this winter. Maybe largely in part because I wash my hands about five hundred three dozen times a day what with all the diaper changes, bottle preparing, and food making I do each day. There have been times it hurt to wash my hands because they were so dry and cracked. On several occasions I would be doing something so simple, like typing, and I'd look down to see blood all over my fingers. Just because I moved my fingers a little too much and the tiny crack that was already present gave way and couldn't hold on any longer. Band-aides were one of my best friends for a while.
But after a while of painful hands I decided to do something about it. Something more than just washing and drying my hands and then rubbing some lotion on them. I bought some gloves. First I got gloves to use when I washed dishes at night and then I got some disposable vinyl gloves to use for diaper changes.
Best thing ever. Not only do those wonderful little gloves help keep  my hands from cracking so much, they also keep my hands safe from baby poos. I'm really not sure why I didn't invest in those suckers sooner. Baby poo is gross and messy and stinky... and when there is a not so occasional blow-out, well then... I'll let you use your imagination. So, the gloves are my little hand saver.    
I like to have some antibacterial hand sanitizer on the diaper changing table (for the times I have to wipe noses or tushes or I just feel like I need some). Since it is something I use a lot it's nice to occasionally have a sweet smelling one. It's the little things. Then I keep a mini one in the basket of the babies diapers and wipes because I tote that around the house most afternoons. The gloves stay in the basket too, of course.

The other things here are some I like to use and some I actually use on a daily basis, like the big bottle of lotion -it's cheap for so much of it. I like how St. Ives doesn't have any parabens or phthalates.

Hands down (haha... get it? hands down? I amuse myself sometimes :) my favorite lotions are from Bubble and Bee. They don't add any harmful chemicals and because of that the lotions and body buttas actually moisturize your hands and keep them feeling nice and fresh for longer than five minutes. I would like to use it every day, but they are for times my hands are desperately dry; they cost a little bit more but they are so very worth it. In the winter time you can always find me with a lotion stick. Even Landon really likes their stuff because it's so awesome. I'm allowed to give it to him as a stocking stuffer! I could go on and on about how much I love their products, but I'll spare you and stop here.

And then of course, some nice little gloves for washing dishes helps keeps my hands from getting desert like. I don't have ones quite this fun, but they work just the same.

Do you suffer from dry skin? Do you have any special remedies or tricks to keep them nice and smooth?    

*It would be nice if I was being compensated to share about all of these great products, but I'm not. Which is fine. I just wanted to share the things I use for my hands. But seriously, if Bubble and Bee wants to send me some free stuff to review for them I would be more than happy to :)


Our Neck of the Woods said...

My skin normally gets dry in the winter, but this year has been especially horrible. I developed eczema like scales on my hands and wrists! I had to get hydrocortisone cream to clear it up. It's better now, but gosh it was so bad. I wash my hands a lot too since I deal with poo. Not human, but chicken poo haha!

Rachel Lynn said...

I have the same issue in winter with dry skin. I know for me, making sure I'm actually drinking enough water tends to make a big difference. I can always tell when I've been slacking on my water intake because my skin starts to get dryer than normal.

I also use coconut oil and Nourish Organics Lotion.

Glad you found a solution that's helping you out!

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