Wednesday, March 19, 2014

thoughts on cloth diapering. part 1

Before I was even pregnant I thought about what diapering system I would use if/when we had a baby. Because I have two older sisters I had heard a lot about both disposable and cloth diapering and what they thought the pros and cons were to both. I also knew that if I wanted to do cloth diapers I had a whole stash available for me to use, for free. How wonderful would that be? Free diapers from the start?
pocket diaper. source
I looked into the cloth diapering world and learned about the wide variety of cloth diapers and all of the choices there are to make when it comes to cloth diapering: prefolds, diaper covers, gDiapers, pocket diapers, flats, contoured....  I also looked more into the two systems that were available to me: gDiapers and just the basic diaper with prefolds. Of those two I preferred the gDiapers: they looked cute, they seemed easy, they had options of cloth or disposable inserts (I would use cloth), and they seemed like less work. The diaper with prefolds were nice and all but, they weren't as cute (at least not the ones that would be free to me), and they seemed like more work.

gDiapers. source
Then I found out I was pregnant and did even more looking into the whole cloth diaper world. My favorite was the pocket diaper, but it wasn't a free option to me, and if I did decide to do that kind they were one of the more expensive types of cloth diapers. I also really liked the gDiapers, and knew that my sister had covers and liners I could use for free, all I would need to get to add to the collection would be the cloth inserts which would cost about what two boxes of diapers cost. And that would be it. But I was cheap and knew my other sister had free ones, even though I didn't like them as well...
diaper cover for prefolds. source

So I didn't use either. ha.

Even though I wanted to, for whatever reason I didn't even register for the gDiaper inserts. I think I was scared. I felt like if I did get them I would have to use them and I was scared I wouldn't like them and that cloth diapering would be too hard and that I wouldn't like it. So I did nothing and accepted gifts of boxes of diapers. Thankfully we were gifted with dozens of boxes of diapers and didn't have to buy many at all during Emerson's first year of life anyhow.

After Emerson was born it was just so easy to use the disposables. I was having a long recovery and between that and learning how to nurse, and just being completely exhausted from being a new mama I was more than happy with the disposables and couldn't imagine switching to cloth.

After we went through a few boxes of diapers I thought about the diaper covers and liners I had in Emerson's closet and thought that I should maybe try them out just to see how they would work.

But I didn't ... until we were going to have to buy some diapers again.


Alisha said...

I was convinced we were going to use cloth diapers when my son was born (after he was through the newborn stage) we bought a small stash... and continued to use disposable diapers... ha! We do use them on occasion (like when he has a bad diaper rash or things like that) and I am thinking of using them if we are blessed with another child... as of right now though, I am sticking to the more expensive, although easier disposable diapers.

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Buying more diapers... does that mean you are having another baby?!?

We are about 50/50 on using cloth and disposable. We have the most expensive system you can get (Flip diapers) but they work so well. And I just thought of them as an investment. They have paid for themselves at this point and he still has at least another year in diapers. We didn't start using them until he was about 4 months old. Up until then, he really wasn't big enough to fit in them properly plus we had a bunch of family crises we were dealing with and extra laundry was NOT a priority. Now that he is eating a lot of food and his poop is more solid, we use flushable inserts. They are flushable paper that sit on top of the liner. When he poops, we just flush them and then the diapers really don't need much cleaning at all before they are washed. It's asbout $0.05 a sheet, but that's still WAY cheaper than a disposable.

Susannah said...

Huh... I want to cloth diaper my future kids but I know that when the time comes I might be singing a different tune. ;-)

Andrea said...

I used disposables with my son for the first three months! The learning curve was steep enough with nursing and recovering! :)