Wednesday, April 30, 2014

a bay-bee shower

Sunday was the day I had been preparing for for well over a week. In fact, plans for Sunday had been in the making for over a month or so. My friend J graciously opened her home to host a baby shower for our friends who are having a baby in June. J and I talked about ideas, food, themes, games, and other shower things in hopes of getting everything figured out. I'd say we managed to do a pretty good job; I just hope the mama-to-be thought so too. Just the same, it was fun to plan for and it gave me something to do and look forward to. I'm so glad I was able to help host this shower for such a sweet and fun couple!

Thankfully Emerson slept fairly well the night before so I was pretty rested too that morning [side note: for some reason or another every time I have slept at T and J's house I have always woken up the following morning feeling completely rested and refreshed. It's like they have a magical pillow or something...]. He woke up pretty early, hello 5:30ish, and after feeding him, eating a little breakfast myself, playing for a while, changing his diaper, and reading some books, everyone else woke up: at the completely [more] normal hour of 7:30ish. Why, oh why, is my child such an early riser?

Anyhow, by the time I had given him a bath and gotten him dressed Landon and our friend T were ready to take the babies [and dogs] out for a walk. They are brave. But thankfully for them, the walk went smoothly. 

While they were out walking J and I finished getting things ready for the shower. She had done the decorations already so we just had to get the food ready and set out. It's amazing how much you can get done in such a short amount of time when you have help in the kitchen and have no babies pulling on your legs in need of something [even if it is just a hug].

One of the fun things about this shower was that the menu was vegan. I think coming up with menus for showers and things is fun anyhow, this one was a little more of a challenge and thus made it even more fun. I think we did pretty well with coming up with a vegan menu.

Banana zucchini bread, waffles, fruit salsa, oatmeal, fruit toppings, cake, and a very last minute addition of a [non-vegan] coffee cake because we had it. If you would like any of the recipes we used let me know, I'd be more than happy to share! 

I'm not sure if any of you caught the hint in the initial post in which I shared about the baby shower. But there was a hint in there  [look at number three :]. I'm too impatient now to wait for you to guess, but I would believe you if you said you picked up on the theme from my hint [maybe :]. 

We thought it would be fun to have a bee theme for the shower. The color yellow is such a happy color, and bees are pretty dang cute. So we went with it. It was perfect for a gender neutral shower, as the couple is waiting to find out the gender until the baby is born. Fun fun! 

Plus, I really wanted to make a happy cake and thought bees would be a good [and easy] way to do that. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen a peek of the cake the other day. I am really pleased with how it turned out. 


Our friends are from Russia so J made a banner in Russian, which is probably why you can't read it :]


Me with the pretty mama-to-bee [kehehe :]. I am so thankful for her friendship and cannot wait to meet her little bundle in a few months!  

...and just for fun [and because I can] I thought I'd throw in this picture of us from my shower! I'm so happy it's her turn now! 

It was so good to see friends and spend a few hours with them on Sunday. Another couple that had moved away was able to come in for the shower, and it was just perfect to see everyone... and all the babies!

As Landon and I were driving home that afternoon we both agreed that even though it had been a busy weekend we felt refreshed. I guess that what happens when you are with people you love and care about.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a trip, a wedding, a shower, family, and friends {a weekend review. part 2}

Saturday afternoon we headed to the wedding, and sadly, I didn't take a single picture -of the bride or of us. I'm not sure what I was thinking... apparently I wasn't. It makes me a little sad too, because we were all dressed up and I actually felt pretty for once! ha :)

The ceremony was very sweet and of course, the bride looked beautiful. They had decorated the church with white hydrangeas and light pink roses, so pretty! A lot lead up to this wedding and went into the actual day itself. Landon and I joke [but not really] that the invitations to our friends wedding cost more than our entire wedding and reception.

The reception was a few hours later in Louisville so we packed our bags and car up [again] and headed to Louisville. We were going to stay with our friends, T and J, that night and they had graciously agreed to watch Emerson for us while we went to the reception. After quickly unloading the car and getting Emerson started on his dinner... and a few lot of 'instructions' for Emerson, we left. We thought we were going to be fairly late to the reception, but it turns out we were right on time, as everyone was just getting to their seats by the time we got there.

the family minus Emerson... thank goodness for sisters sharing their pictures :]

The bride and her mom had done a beautiful job with coordinating the reception and everything was absolutely lovely. The tables were decorated with tall vases full of roses and white hydrangeas and tall candle goblet type things and rose petals. The food was yummy, and we especially liked our server. At one point, after six or so speeches, I heard her mumble under her breath, 'mmmmm, eeeryboody got somen ta say..." Which was funny because that is exactly what I was thinking, she just said it. ha.

It was quite the party that night. We ended up staying a little longer than we had planned, but we enjoyed visiting with some friends and being a part of the big wedding celebration. It was actually the first time we had been out at night since Emerson was born; we have been on dates - in the afternoon - but not at night time. I think it helped knowing that Emerson was being well cared for by T and J... and that J texted me throughout the night giving little updates and a picture. It also helped knowing he went down for bed easily. It makes the world of difference when you know your little one is being well cared for and loved on.

We left the reception earlier than most people so we could get back to the house. We were able to visit with T and J for a while without baby interruptions before going to bed. I felt like a rebel, staying up so late... almost until midnight. But it was so good to catch up and talk with friends. I miss that.

Apparently Emerson has a magical sense, and woke up as soon as I was about to get ready for bed. Thankfully he let me cuddle with him for a little bit and lay him down. He didn't make another peep until around 5 or so in the morning. I was so very thankful for another good night of sleep for him [and me] while away from home. There is something so refreshing about going to bed after a long full day. I love me some sleep :]

All in all Saturday was a restful and busy day. Kind of crazy how it was both, but it was, and it was wonderful.

Monday, April 28, 2014

a trip, a wedding, a shower, family, and friends {a weekend review. part 1}

A typical weekend for us is pretty simple and calm. We usually always stay at home, make a possible trip to the grocery store, a movie, a walk to the park [if the weather allows], studying for Landon, and taking care of the house and baby for me. Simple. Predictable. We like it. Though, sometimes it does get a little quiet and lonesome.

This weekend was not that quiet weekend. It was the complete opposite of everything we always do. We liked it [although, it's probably not something we would want to do every weekend, it was just a nice change].

About a week or so ago I mentioned that we had a wedding and a shower to go to fairly soon. That's what we were doing this weekend. Thursday night I started packing for our trip and all day Friday I continued getting things ready, with the help of two sweet little babies. They are such good little helpers :) It was a lot to get together and ready for our two day trip.

In addition to packing all of the 'normal' things, I also had to take a kitchen worth of goodies [or so it seemed] for the shower I was helping throw on Sunday.

But by that afternoon we were packed and ready and only had to turn around once to get something we had forgotten. Not too bad. Thankfully we were just two minutes from the house when I remembered that I had forgotten the DVD player we might need to entertain Emerson in case of an emergency ... I'm glad I remembered and we were able to get it.

We were so thankful that Emerson did so well on the car ride to Kentucky. We left a little bit after his normal nap time, so thankfully he slept for about two hours and almost to our planned stopping point: Chic-fil-a. There isn't one here so we pretty much planned our trip to go past a Chic-fil-a. We heart that place.

Anyhow, it was a nice little stop over and Emerson enjoyed actually eating there for the first time ever. After a few more hours in the car we were at Landon's parent's house. We were concerned that Emerson wouldn't do very well with the transition from sleeping in the car to laying down for bed. But he did really well! We took him directly to the room, made up his bed, put his pjs on him, read and prayed with him, then laid him down. He did awesome! That night he slept the best he had ever slept in a pack n play and didn't wake up until around 5 or so that morning! Praise the Lord! He laid with me for a little while longer and then he was up for the day.

 peach milkshake! 

That morning Landon's grandparents and aunts came over to see us Emerson. I'm pretty sure he is deprived of attention when we visit his parents [or not]. E played hard all morning long and was his usual sweet little self. I was working on the cake for the shower which turned out to be fairly entertaining for Landon's family. It even kept their attention away from Emerson for a few minutes. What?! That's saying something.

please excuse the terribly dark picture... but I just had to share his tent/castle that he got for Easter from Landon's sisters.


It was a simple and full morning. I had plenty of time to work on the cake without having to tend to Emerson, but still being able to see him, and then we had time to just chill with family. It was a sweet morning, both Landon and I agreed that we wish it could have lasted a little bit longer.

I'll save the rest of the weekend for the next few days, like I said, it was a pretty full weekend so I'll spread it out for you.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Emerson : 15 months


You are 15 months old! It is absolutely crazy to think that you are so big. Where did your tiny little peanut self go? I was holding you the other day and thought about how I was once able to hold you in one arm -as in, your entire little self fit in the crook of my arm. No legs or arms dangling over and kicking all over the place. And now you are a long, busy, on the move, determined, brave, sweetheart of a boy. And I love you even more!

More and more you are a very independent little boy, and becoming even more so with each passing day. You love playing - especially with your friend Bee - and reading books. When you want to read a book, you'll go over to the bookshelf, pick a book out, carry it over to me, then throw it at me as if to say, "let's read." Sometimes you'll just hold the book out to me, which I must say is a little more gentle and the way I prefer you giving a book to me, you know, it doesn't hurt as much. Then you'll sit down in my lap and we'll start reading the book. Most of the time we read at your pace, and you are a speedy little reader. I don't mind, I'm just happy you love books so much. You have a few favorite books right now, most of them have animals in them. You love looking at the animals!

You are a good eater. I'm thankful that so far you eat pretty much anything. Of course, you have your favorite foods: cheese, yogurt, bananas, Puffs, and melon; but you typically will eat whatever. Surprisingly you are not a huge fan of macaroni and cheese though. You LOVE fruit and would probably only eat that if given the option, but you also love cauliflower and other veggies. We are giving you more and more table food, but I find that sometimes you don't eat what we are because you eat dinner before we do, so I just fix foods that I know you like. Also, sometimes I'm just out of ideas of new things to give you. I feel like I need to give you lots of foods now in hopes that it will help you be less of a picky eater later on, but we do a lot of repeat meals. I'm working on it...  

One thing you don't love so much is milk. Ever since weaning you at 12 months you have not been a huge fan of milk. We tried cow's milk, soy milk, and now we're trying a toddler formula. You drink it, but not a whole lot. I wish you would guzzle it like you do your water. Maybe one day soon?

Every morning when we hear Bee's dad knock on the door you throw yourself on me and wrap your arms so tight around my neck. While we walk down the stairs you 'jump' and wave; you really love Bee and are always so excited to see her in the mornings. I'm not sure what we will do when summer rolls around.

You are learning to take turns with your toys and books. Sometimes if Bee has a toy or book you want you will follow her around making an "izz izz izz..." kind of sound. It's kind of cute, and it apparently means you want what she has. Now.

For now you are still napping twice a day. I love it. You love it. Keep on keeping on my little man. You can take two naps a day for as long as you like! Most of the time your morning naps are about two hours long and your afternoon nap is about an hour long. If you miss out on your afternoon nap for some reason or another, you are an absolute peach [note the sarcasm] for the rest of the evening/night. So, I am really a fan of that afternoon nap.

You went to the doctor on Monday for your well check. You weigh a whole 21 pounds and are 33 inches long. Right now you are wearing mostly 9 and some 12 month clothes and are a size 3 diapers when we do disposables.

Being outside makes you happy. When we go to the park you love walking around by yourself. You even help push the stroller sometimes. You aren't a fan of walking on the mulch or grass yet, but on the sidewalk, you could walk all day. And you do. Or so it seems. The other day we were at the park with Daddy and you nearly walked around the whole park with us... a quarter of a mile or so. You started getting tired and sat down on the sidewalk, and even though we knew you were pooped from all that walking, you still didn't want to get in the stroller. Independent and determined I tell ya.

Things you could care less about include: diaper changes, getting dressed, being told no, having something that you aren't supposed to have taken away from you, and waiting for your food to be ready.

Things you LOVE: looking out your window [some men are building a house and you love to watch what they are doing], 'playing' with Boady, Mama, walks, going to the park, eating, reading, being outside, playing ball with Daddy.

Though you do not have a large vocabulary right now [you only say mama and make the ba sound for different b words] you understand a lot! I can ask you to go pick out a book, get your socks, find your pants, find Bee's paci or socks, where your ball is, if you want a snack, to go downstairs with me, to take a bath, to take a drink of water, if you want to facetime, if you need a diaper change, and a slew of other things and you will do it/get it/go to where it's at! You go get a book, find the missing socks or paci, get your ball, or whatever it is I am asking/saying. You are a smart little guy. You don't always obey when we tell you 'no', but you sure understand. You sign 'more' when you are eating, though you don't say it. When you're ready I'm sure you'll start talking up a storm. I guess you're just a quiet one like your mama.

I love love love you and I love spending each and every day with you. You are the sweetest boy I know. Every day you learn something new and you teach me new things all the time too. It is such a blessing to be able to watch you learn and grow into a little boy. You have my heart little one. I pray that you will know, love and serve Jesus with your whole heart. He has blessed us with you and I hope and pray we are able to teach you about his amazing grace and love. He is a Mighty God, Gooseberry.

I love you to the stars and beyond.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

it's the little things ... shots at the doctor's

Today I am guest blogging over at Simple Moments Stick for the sweet Susannah. Go check it out, especially if you are looking for some free/cheap date ideas!
On Monday I took Emerson to the doctor for his 15 month well check [which is a post all of its own]. By the time we finally left the doctor it was nearly his nap time and I knew that he was exhausted because he had been busy playing on the exam table for an hour, he had gotten two vaccinations, and he had a pint some blood drawn. Oh, my poor sweet little baby.
We stopped at the store on our way home to pick up a little prescription for him. I was afraid of him falling asleep on the way home or fussing in the store, because he was tired and it was nap time. But the whole five minutes we were in the store he just wrapped his little arm tightly around my arm and would occasionally rest his little head on my shoulder.
In the car his eyes were so heavy and I knew he wanted to sleep, but I did everything in my power to keep him awake until we got home... it's not such an easy thing to do, especially when you're driving and all. But somehow I managed to get home before he conked out in the car.
I don't know if your little ones do this, but if he falls asleep in the car, even if it's for just two minutes, that's enough of a nap for him and he will not sleep once we get home. Thus the reason for keeping him awake.  

After his nap the evening passed by quickly. And my oh my, he was such a sweetie that night. After his bath he just wanted to be held. Usually after bath, stories, and prayers, I just lay him down in his bed. But not that night. He was tucked so snuggly into me. He fit so perfectly. Just so. His little dimpled hand rested on my arm.

He felt safe. I was able to make him feel safe. He felt loved. I was able to make him feel loved. And while I know making him feel safe and loved won't always be that easy, I am so thankful that right now it just takes some cuddles.

That night I rocked with him for longer than I have in a long time. I know his cuddliness had something to do with his reaction to the vaccinations and such, but I loved that time. I hated that he was in pain earlier that day, but I loved that he felt safe and happy that night.

I realize a lot of these 'little things' have to do with my little one, I just can't help it though. He is little. And he shows me the simplicity in life. He is teaching me the joy that can be found in the little things every day. So I think it only appropriate that he is, once again, my little thing.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a little more Easter fun

Like I mentioned yesterday, on Sunday we went to the park before church for some pictures, I mean, I had to get some pictures of my little stud muffin... 

We walked around for a little bit and enjoyed the sunshine and cool breeze. It really was the perfect weather for Easter Sunday.

I just can't believe that a year has gone by so fast, I feel like it was just last Easter and Emerson was a tiny little pumpkin. Now, he's walking everywhere and is just so big! Where does the time go?

Though he loves walking and going to the park, he is still a little unsure about the mulch. I think it's pretty adorable.

He especially likes to be held... eh, not really. But we had to at least try... 
Oh, how I love this little one.


These two make my heart happy.

I am still loving our weekend and the fun we were able to have together as we celebrated Easter. This was probably the best Easter I've ever had [will I just keep saying that as the years go by? because really, how could they not get better? :]. Oh, my heart is so full.
Happy Tuesday to you all!