Monday, April 28, 2014

a trip, a wedding, a shower, family, and friends {a weekend review. part 1}

A typical weekend for us is pretty simple and calm. We usually always stay at home, make a possible trip to the grocery store, a movie, a walk to the park [if the weather allows], studying for Landon, and taking care of the house and baby for me. Simple. Predictable. We like it. Though, sometimes it does get a little quiet and lonesome.

This weekend was not that quiet weekend. It was the complete opposite of everything we always do. We liked it [although, it's probably not something we would want to do every weekend, it was just a nice change].

About a week or so ago I mentioned that we had a wedding and a shower to go to fairly soon. That's what we were doing this weekend. Thursday night I started packing for our trip and all day Friday I continued getting things ready, with the help of two sweet little babies. They are such good little helpers :) It was a lot to get together and ready for our two day trip.

In addition to packing all of the 'normal' things, I also had to take a kitchen worth of goodies [or so it seemed] for the shower I was helping throw on Sunday.

But by that afternoon we were packed and ready and only had to turn around once to get something we had forgotten. Not too bad. Thankfully we were just two minutes from the house when I remembered that I had forgotten the DVD player we might need to entertain Emerson in case of an emergency ... I'm glad I remembered and we were able to get it.

We were so thankful that Emerson did so well on the car ride to Kentucky. We left a little bit after his normal nap time, so thankfully he slept for about two hours and almost to our planned stopping point: Chic-fil-a. There isn't one here so we pretty much planned our trip to go past a Chic-fil-a. We heart that place.

Anyhow, it was a nice little stop over and Emerson enjoyed actually eating there for the first time ever. After a few more hours in the car we were at Landon's parent's house. We were concerned that Emerson wouldn't do very well with the transition from sleeping in the car to laying down for bed. But he did really well! We took him directly to the room, made up his bed, put his pjs on him, read and prayed with him, then laid him down. He did awesome! That night he slept the best he had ever slept in a pack n play and didn't wake up until around 5 or so that morning! Praise the Lord! He laid with me for a little while longer and then he was up for the day.

 peach milkshake! 

That morning Landon's grandparents and aunts came over to see us Emerson. I'm pretty sure he is deprived of attention when we visit his parents [or not]. E played hard all morning long and was his usual sweet little self. I was working on the cake for the shower which turned out to be fairly entertaining for Landon's family. It even kept their attention away from Emerson for a few minutes. What?! That's saying something.

please excuse the terribly dark picture... but I just had to share his tent/castle that he got for Easter from Landon's sisters.


It was a simple and full morning. I had plenty of time to work on the cake without having to tend to Emerson, but still being able to see him, and then we had time to just chill with family. It was a sweet morning, both Landon and I agreed that we wish it could have lasted a little bit longer.

I'll save the rest of the weekend for the next few days, like I said, it was a pretty full weekend so I'll spread it out for you.


Amy said...

Aww! Looks like the start of a great weekend!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

We must love Chickfila about the same because it is the first food I get when I visit the states!!

Laura said...

What a fun visit with family! And we plan road trips around Chick-fil-A stops too! :)

Lauren said...

MMm....chick-fil-a! Why does it not seem like a fast food joint!? ha!