Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a trip, a wedding, a shower, family, and friends {a weekend review. part 2}

Saturday afternoon we headed to the wedding, and sadly, I didn't take a single picture -of the bride or of us. I'm not sure what I was thinking... apparently I wasn't. It makes me a little sad too, because we were all dressed up and I actually felt pretty for once! ha :)

The ceremony was very sweet and of course, the bride looked beautiful. They had decorated the church with white hydrangeas and light pink roses, so pretty! A lot lead up to this wedding and went into the actual day itself. Landon and I joke [but not really] that the invitations to our friends wedding cost more than our entire wedding and reception.

The reception was a few hours later in Louisville so we packed our bags and car up [again] and headed to Louisville. We were going to stay with our friends, T and J, that night and they had graciously agreed to watch Emerson for us while we went to the reception. After quickly unloading the car and getting Emerson started on his dinner... and a few lot of 'instructions' for Emerson, we left. We thought we were going to be fairly late to the reception, but it turns out we were right on time, as everyone was just getting to their seats by the time we got there.

the family minus Emerson... thank goodness for sisters sharing their pictures :]

The bride and her mom had done a beautiful job with coordinating the reception and everything was absolutely lovely. The tables were decorated with tall vases full of roses and white hydrangeas and tall candle goblet type things and rose petals. The food was yummy, and we especially liked our server. At one point, after six or so speeches, I heard her mumble under her breath, 'mmmmm, eeeryboody got somen ta say..." Which was funny because that is exactly what I was thinking, she just said it. ha.

It was quite the party that night. We ended up staying a little longer than we had planned, but we enjoyed visiting with some friends and being a part of the big wedding celebration. It was actually the first time we had been out at night since Emerson was born; we have been on dates - in the afternoon - but not at night time. I think it helped knowing that Emerson was being well cared for by T and J... and that J texted me throughout the night giving little updates and a picture. It also helped knowing he went down for bed easily. It makes the world of difference when you know your little one is being well cared for and loved on.

We left the reception earlier than most people so we could get back to the house. We were able to visit with T and J for a while without baby interruptions before going to bed. I felt like a rebel, staying up so late... almost until midnight. But it was so good to catch up and talk with friends. I miss that.

Apparently Emerson has a magical sense, and woke up as soon as I was about to get ready for bed. Thankfully he let me cuddle with him for a little bit and lay him down. He didn't make another peep until around 5 or so in the morning. I was so very thankful for another good night of sleep for him [and me] while away from home. There is something so refreshing about going to bed after a long full day. I love me some sleep :]

All in all Saturday was a restful and busy day. Kind of crazy how it was both, but it was, and it was wonderful.

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Jillian said...

We were happy to keep him and glad you all got a lil date night!!! And so glad you got rest while here!!!