Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend {a little review}

The past few days have been so lovely for our little family. I had Friday off and I have today off as well. I have very much been enjoying my 'free' days. I think Emerson has enjoyed a little change of pace as well, but I do think he has missed playing with his little buddy.

On Saturday we were able to enjoy some nice sunshine so we strolled around the neighborhood and went to the park.



Easter morning Emerson found his Easter basket and loved the eggs. It was so fun watching him actually pull things out of the basket as opposed to what he did last year - just lay and watch us pull the things out of it for him :)

He was really happy when he discovered that the eggs opened and that there were little puffs or crackers inside. He found all of the eggs and by the time I was finished getting ready, he had gotten his daddy to open nearly all of them for him so he could eat the snacks.


After a yummy breakfast we went to the park so we could get some pictures before church. I'll leave you with two of my favorites and share the rest very soon!


Because it was just the three of us I made a special little lunch, nothing big and fancy, something just our size. I made little baked ham and cheese sandwiches (yum!), sweet potato risotto, frog eye salad, and a regular ol' salad with poppy seed dressing. It was perfect ... and has provided us with lunch for the rest of the week :)

Of course we had to have a little Easter egg hunt for him... though, he really wasn't interested [which I kind of figured] and once he saw the basketball it was over [so pretty much before it even began]. 


Because I'm no super mom, we had brinner [breakfast for dinner]. I try to wake up early in the mornings, but sometimes that just doesn't happen. ... and to wake up and have breakfast ready, well, it's not happening. So I was sure to make a special pancake dinner for my boys.

Even the hubs got into this picture taking food making spirit :)

 I hope you all had a Hoppy Easter! We sure enjoyed our Resurrection Sunday; it was so sweet and special celebrating Easter as a family of three... I wouldn't have changed it for the world  :)


Alisha said...

Looks like a lovely Easter!

Amy said...

Such great pictures, Hannah! Love the one of your husband & Emerson all dressed up! And the bunny pancakes are just too cute for words!

Caitlyn {Home Sweet Ruby} said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest daddy and son photo ever! Your son is so cute with that bow tie! Sounds like such a great Easter :)

Rachel Lynn said...

I agree with Caitlyn...that daddy baby boy pic is ADORABLE!