Saturday, April 19, 2014

Emerson's Easter Basket

Last year I had so much fun putting together Emerson's first ever Easter basket! It was his first big holiday and I loved that it was Easter - a time of renewal, life, and celebrating our risen Savior. How perfect for a newborn baby. 

Anyhow, this year I was equally [if not a tad bit more?] excited to put his basket together because I know this year he will actually be able to dig stuff out of it. So, here are the treats I put together for a one year old's Easter basket...

I wanted to get him a few fun things, but mostly keep it on the practical/useful side. After all, Easter baskets aren't the real reason for Easter...

Since we are on a budget [and are frugal to begin with] pretty much everything we got for his basket was on sale and/or very cheap. We got him a few fun things like bubbles, crayons [because I so badly want to start doing more crafts and arts with him], and some sidewalk chalk [the hubs picked the chalk out. I thought it was so adorable when he walked up to me with the chalk in hand and said, "he needs it." Yes, sweet hubs, yes he does :].

We also got some more useful things like a sippy cup [he has two, but I feel like three is the perfect number; that way if they are both dirty which happens far too often ... every day... I don't have to wash the cup in a hurry so I can pour milk in it or something while hearing his cries and screams for a drink]

 - a plate [because I'm trying to teach my child to be civilized and eat off of plates, not the tray/table]

- and a snack cup with a snap lid [because my child is a clever little guy and has figured out how to get the tops off of his other snack cups and then proceeds to dump his Goldfish and Puffs all over the floor ...for which our dog is ever so grateful. Also, why didn't they have these snap lid snack cups to begin with? I would have bought them from the start... where were they then?]

- and of course some eggs. Because what Easter basket is complete without them? I just put a few Puffs, bunny cheese crackers, and yogurt melts in each egg.

- oh, and some shades. I figure I better start helping him protect his eyes from the bright sun. Hopefully he'll leave them on?

Anyhow. That's his Easter basket! I hope he loves it as much as I do [I'm sure he will :].

I hope you and your loved ones have a very Happy Easter!

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Alisha said...

So cute!! Love his new shades!