Wednesday, April 16, 2014

finding a new church

Since we have moved to Champaign we have been looking for a new church to call home. We have visited several churches, one even had a fire scare, while trying to find a new church. We have gone back and forth between two for the last few months. 

One of the churches has a lot of young families and a really great children's program. I feel comfortable leaving Emerson in the nursery knowing he will be safe and well taken care of. I also know they do lots of fun little activities, read Bible stories, and sing songs -even with the babies. But this church doesn't have small groups -something we enjoyed so much about our church in Louisville and were hoping to find here. 

The other church is so welcoming and inviting. We met several of the associate pastors and I spoke with the pastor's wife on more than one occasion. After a few weeks of not going there they even called us to check in on us -wow! What a great thing for a church to do. Such a welcoming body of believers. And they have small groups. Both of those things were reasons we liked this church. After a few weeks we were put into a small group -we had asked if we could be in a group with other young families [mid to late 20s and early 30s with children 5 and under]. We were the youngest couple in the group we went to [I don't mind being the young one but...] and the children were 2-13 years old. Not exactly ideal. Not exactly people in our life-stage which is what we were hoping to find. 

Oh, how I miss our small group and friends.

Anyhow. We decided that being a part of that small group wouldn't work. Not only were we in different stages of life, there was no child care. The older kids played together in the basement, but Emerson couldn't go down there, he is too little, plus I don't know those kids.So he stayed with us and was busy being his cute and curious little self upstairs during the discussion. In other words, he was distracting and we [and I'm sure everyone else] couldn't focus. They were all so nice and said it was no big deal, but we knew it just wouldn't work.   

These little adventures have led us back to the first church. While they don't have small groups they do have a women's and men's Bible study, respectively. So I worked up the courage, again, and signed up for the study, hoping I would get into a group of younger women. 

Tonight will be the third week of the study. While the study is fine [maybe more on that later] I'm just enjoying a time of fellowship with other ladies. I'm not sure if there are any new bffs to be in that group, but who knows. Maybe there is? They are at least some ladies for me to talk to in real life. 

If you have any ideas on how to start your own small group with people you don't know I'd love to hear them... we are thinking about trying to do that :]

Happy Wednesday to you! 


Amy said...

So glad that you & your family found a Church. Luke & I are currently looking at something what will fit our family, too.

Tiffany said...

I have found since moving here that the library has been a great source of friends for me, and for Sydney. We signed up for story time and now we have weekly ply dates with some of her friends from there on top of story time.

Lauren said...

One of my best friends lived in Champagne for a while & she went to a church called Stone Creek Church in that area - she loved it & she was sad to leave it when she had to move. Have you heard of that church? I think they also have small groups!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Have you tried mentioning it to the pastor? They may already be considering the idea!

Laura said...

Church finding is stressful. You want to find a place where you can serve but grow too. Hang in there! As far as starting a group, find folks you can learn from and some that can learn from you. Invite them together and see how it goes. Our class is multi-generational. The church provides SS for the kids, and we meet all together at the church. It's awesome to have such wiser people to learn from...and I'm seeing they even learn from us too, even though we're the babes!