Friday, April 18, 2014

it's a Good Friday

one. Happy Good Friday. While today isn't necessarily joyous as Easter Sunday, without today there would be no Easter. And celebrating Easter is such a joyful holiday. It truly is the best holiday - Christ died and rose from the grave to save us! He loves us that much. That is something I will never be able to understand but something that I will always be forever grateful for. Hosanna to the King!

two. I'm in the works of doing a little Easter egg hunt for the Gooseberry. Before we can actually hid the eggs we have to clean up the back yard... oi. Thank goodness the hubs likes to work outside :) I am so excited for Emerson to actually hunt eggs this year. Last year he was a tiny little pookie and couldn't even roll over... this year he is all over the place! So exciting! 

three. Putting Easter baskets together is so much fun! I love picking out little things that I think Emerson would enjoy. Though, I'm pretty practical so everything in his basket is something useful. No toys for the boy, he has plenty of those! There is one thing I am hoping to find at the store today for him but if I can't, it's no big thing :) I'll be sharing his basket tomorrow! 

four. We will be spending the Easter holiday as a family of three this year, no visiting family or anything. The only other Easter we spent by ourselves was the first one as a married couple. We celebrated with a friend who was living in Texas with us and it was nice to have a simple celebration. Because we'll be on our own this year I've been trying to think of what we should do food wise. I'm don't think I'll be fixing a big ol' meal, but I would like the meal to be special and a little bit different. I just don't know what to do. I know, big dilemma :]. Suggestions?   

source - one day my table will look like this... 

five. Today and Monday I don't have baby girl Bee to watch; her mama has a little Easter break for school. So I have been spending the morning with my main little guy. The weather was glorious this morning so we went for a long stroll around the neighborhood and played at the park for a while. Oh, how I love days like today!

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