Monday, April 14, 2014

happiness is homemade bread

One of the best smells in the world is freshly baked (or baking) bread. The next best thing is actually eating said bread with a nice little slab of butter on it (or something else if that's your cup of tea).

I love bread. I could eat it every day and nothing else. It's just that amazing.

Well, homemade bread that is.

For a few years I was on a roll as a little homemaker. I made bread. I fixed the hubs' lunches. I kept our house pretty clean and tidy.

I'm not saying our house is a mess or untidy (I can't function in a messy place, really, so our house is generally always tidy) but it's not what it once was... and I'm definitely not making bread or other tasty treats as much as I once did.

But, after browsing Pinterest for one thing or another (you know how that goes) I started looking at bread and different recipes.

And let me tell you, I will be making this beauty today (or tomorrow). For sure. 

Also, all of this bread looking has me thinking about the bread that I buy at the store. You know, the pre-made, pre-packaged bread. The bread that is made in big factories. The bread that is made with no heart, love, or joy. The bread that could resemble cardboard (especially when placed next to a fresh loaf of bread). Anyhow, I don't love eating that bread. I eat it, but it's not great. And it's not quality. 

So I have decided that I am going to start making the bread we eat in this house again for these simple reasons: 

- it smells amazing

- it tastes fresh

- it isn't loaded with tons of chemicals or preservatives 

- it is cheaper

- I like baking and baking bread makes me happy

Anyhow. Those are my thoughts on bread for today. I'm uber excited to start making bread. So excited I'm going to make it a weekly event in this here house. 

At least, that's the plan. 

If you ever want to come over and bake with me or just have a bit of bread, you are more than welcome! :) 

Have a happy Monday! 


Lauren said...

i love homemade bread! my mom makes it all the time and it seriously is one of those smells that just puts a smile on my face!

Molly said...

Keeps us posted on any good recipes we should try! I LOVE homemade bread too!