Wednesday, April 23, 2014

it's the little things ... shots at the doctor's

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On Monday I took Emerson to the doctor for his 15 month well check [which is a post all of its own]. By the time we finally left the doctor it was nearly his nap time and I knew that he was exhausted because he had been busy playing on the exam table for an hour, he had gotten two vaccinations, and he had a pint some blood drawn. Oh, my poor sweet little baby.
We stopped at the store on our way home to pick up a little prescription for him. I was afraid of him falling asleep on the way home or fussing in the store, because he was tired and it was nap time. But the whole five minutes we were in the store he just wrapped his little arm tightly around my arm and would occasionally rest his little head on my shoulder.
In the car his eyes were so heavy and I knew he wanted to sleep, but I did everything in my power to keep him awake until we got home... it's not such an easy thing to do, especially when you're driving and all. But somehow I managed to get home before he conked out in the car.
I don't know if your little ones do this, but if he falls asleep in the car, even if it's for just two minutes, that's enough of a nap for him and he will not sleep once we get home. Thus the reason for keeping him awake.  

After his nap the evening passed by quickly. And my oh my, he was such a sweetie that night. After his bath he just wanted to be held. Usually after bath, stories, and prayers, I just lay him down in his bed. But not that night. He was tucked so snuggly into me. He fit so perfectly. Just so. His little dimpled hand rested on my arm.

He felt safe. I was able to make him feel safe. He felt loved. I was able to make him feel loved. And while I know making him feel safe and loved won't always be that easy, I am so thankful that right now it just takes some cuddles.

That night I rocked with him for longer than I have in a long time. I know his cuddliness had something to do with his reaction to the vaccinations and such, but I loved that time. I hated that he was in pain earlier that day, but I loved that he felt safe and happy that night.

I realize a lot of these 'little things' have to do with my little one, I just can't help it though. He is little. And he shows me the simplicity in life. He is teaching me the joy that can be found in the little things every day. So I think it only appropriate that he is, once again, my little thing.

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Alisha said...

Great post today!! Isn't it amazing experiencing life through our little ones eyes?

Sara {Rhapsody & Chaos} said...

Oh man, when they have to take blood it is THE WORST. Seriously. The only time I've cried at Kiernan's shot appointments have been the ones when they've had to squeeze blood out of her finger. Because it takes SO LONG and she screams the entire time and it. kills. me. When she was born, I literally kicked the lady out of our hospital room who was drawing blood from Kiernan's heel. She took too long; I was too hormonal. It wasn't pretty -- but I don't regret it, ha.

I love those extra snuggles, too. Kiernan's sick right now and I hate it for her, but I do melt every time she lays her head on my chest for comfort.

Amy said...

Such a sweet post! I remember when Cash was littler & I would do everything to keep him awake in the car, too! :)

Mackenzie Oakley said...

I would have totally forgotten to schedule my daughter's 15 month well visit if it wasn't for this post, so thank you! And she's 15 months today...oops! Your little guy is so cute :)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Stopping by from the link up. He is a cute little guy!!!

Amanda said...

This is such a beautiful post. I agree children do show you the simplicity in life. Seriously, what is it with the 2 minute car naps equal no nap at all?! I don't understand it! I will do ANYTHING to keep my daughter awake on the way home from the store! Stopping in from the link up. -xo

Amanda {Kids and Cabernet} said...

I loved reading this, Emerson is so cute and my son is the same as yours - if he naps 10 min in the car and wakes up, I can forget about a nap for the rest of the day :/ sucks!

Cheryl Smith said...

How precious! Made me long for the days when our sweet boy was a baby and loved to be cuddled. He is still very sweet at 13, but of course, way too big for me to rock anymore. The years fly by so quickly, then you wake up one day and realize he is as tall as you are, and the term "baby" no longer applies. Enjoy and cherish each moment of this special time that he needs you so much! What a blessing! Every age is a blessing, and you have much to look forward to. :) I'm your newest follower.