Monday, April 7, 2014

two weeks notice

Last Monday when Mr. A, Toad's dad, came to pick him up he told me that his wife had given her two weeks notice at work and that Toad's last day would be the following Friday, which happens to be this coming Friday.

So after Friday I will be down to two babies. And on the look out, yet again, for another baby.

While I was a little surprised to hear this news, I wasn't completely shocked when Mr. A told me. Every morning when Toad was dropped off I could tell it was so hard for his mom to leave him.

I'm not saying I blame her. I decided to quit teaching to stay home with my baby and find another way to help support my family while doing that.

Toad's leaving is bittersweet. I'm (really really) happy to be down to just two babies (it is so much easier!) but I will miss the extra money watching Toad brought in. And I suppose I might miss him a little bit... maybe. Although, after the morning I just had maybe not so much.... is that bad? probably. sorrynotsorry.

Hopefully I can find someone else who needs a sitter. I'm not too worried about it at the moment, though I probably should be. I'm just going to try and trust the Lord to make a way and to bring another baby (toddler) into my care.

Though, I might be a little picky and only take on teacher's babies/kids. It's just so nice to have that schedule, which happens to be the same as the hubs.

Anyhow. That's my news.

In the mean time, have a happy Monday.

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Alisha said...

Great Quote for a Monday!

I totally understand where a momma would want to spend time at home with her little ones (I pray for it every day for myself) but can also see why you will be sad for him to be gone... although, one less baby has got to free up some time for you. :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

yes i did brew something caffeinated, read over and over the memory verse i have for the week, i stand well run rather in the sunshine. :-)