Friday, May 30, 2014

one week, fifteen months, and two years ... some numbers for friday

After today I only have five more days of baby-sitting Bee for this school year. It's kind of exciting because it will allow for a little more freedom in our days, but also sad because I think Emerson will really miss seeing his buddy each and every day. Those two absolutely love being together [even though yesterday they got into a little bitting battle, and because E has a few more teeth than Bee does his bite showed up a lot more than hers did. Yikes].

I successfully made a sourdough starter and bread! It's a [kind of slow] process, and you have to have patience, but it is oh so worth it when you smell that warm toasty sour bread smell wafting through your house. Smells like home and I love it. I'm not sure why baking bread makes me giddy, but oh it does.   

This weekend I'm going to try and make some yogurt for the little man. Since he loves yogurt but is not currently eating dairy I've had to find a dairy free option. The only problem with that is that it costs a fortune. Enter homemade soy yogurt. I am praying I don't kill it, that it tastes yummy, and that E loves it just as much as the store bought kind. I'll be sure to let you know how that endeavor goes. I don't have a yogurt maker and am going to try it without, but it doesn't mean I'm not looking at the yogurt maker options out there. If you have any experience making yogurt [especially dairy free] please share your wisdom with me! 

We just got a hospital bill for Emerson when he had breast-milk jaundice -15 months ago. Can they do that?! I mean, really, shouldn't all of that been taken care of a long time ago? 

I am loving the warmer sandal wearing weather. It makes my toes happy to feel the sunshine, though it does mean I have to be a little more attentive to my chipping nail polish. The other day while slipping my good old flip flops on my feet I noticed I could feel the floor with my heel. Apparently I had worn those sandals so much that a nice little hole decided to appear in the bottom. Though I suppose that's what I should expect when I only paid two dollars for them at Old Navy two summers ago. A dollar a summer, not too shabby, right? ...and a good excuse to go find a new pair of flip flops, cause really, how can you survive summer without a trusty pair of flip flops? 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are able to enjoy some warm sunshine and little adventures. 

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

listening to other's two cents

Over the past few years I've really started to notice just how much everyone loves to share their stories and advice. I don't mind listening at all, as I'm not too chatty so I'm happy to listen, I also like to learn so this is a great way to get new ideas and such. So listening to others give their advice can be especially helpful and wonderful if they share great advice, but I've had some people share their ideas of how I should be doing things better/right or how I'm doing them wrong and that has not been the greatest. 

Apparently the advice giving [receiving] only intensifies once you become pregnant and have a baby. Everyone wants to share their two cents with you, how they did it, what you're doing right or doing wrong, what you should do differently... 

Smile, nod, and thank them for sharing with you. 

Then when you go home or leave or return to whatever it was you were doing you can decide in your mind if you like what they said, thought it was ridiculous, or thought it was just plain rude. But the good thing is that you can do what you think is best for you and your family. 

Shortly after Emerson was born there was lots of advice given to me. I tried to graciously listen to it, but in the end I did what I thought was best for us. Hopefully I seemed as gracious as I was trying to be. Now that Emerson is older I am still happy to hear stories and ideas when it comes to raising a toddler, but if it's something I don't agree with I just smile, nod, and go on my merry way. You just can't let it eat at you. Sure, sometimes it's okay to vent to your hubby or friend, but don't let it simmer for too long. 

Anyhow, that's that. What are your thoughts when it comes to advice giving/givers? Have you had anyone give you some crazy advice? How did you handle it? Do share! You can link up, comment, or do both! I love to hear from you and read your stories! 

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

little skin bumps : finding the source

For at least the past six months Emerson has had tiny little bumps on his arms and legs. Sometimes the bumps would be a little red and occasionally a few of the bumps would be white. When I first noticed the bumps I asked the doctor what she thought it might be, and if it could possibly be an allergic reaction to a food we had introduced into his diet. She assured me that it was not a food allergy, it was just dry skin.

I always thought dry skin was scaly and cracked and broken if really dry. His skin was bumpy. I first suspected a food allergy because we were introducing so many different foods into his diet at the time. But after the doctor made me feel like an idiot for even thinking it was an allergy I let it go. But not really, because the bumps would not go away.

Over the next few months I tried numerous types of soaps, lotions, creams, oatmeal baths, eczema creams, hydrocortisone cream, pretty much anything I thought might help. We had been using a cheap soap and lotion for him and stopped because I thought maybe that was doing it to him, even though we had been using that soap since he came home from the hospital.

At every doctor's appointment I asked the doctor what they thought about his bumpy skin and they all said, "it's just dry skin."So, finally I decided to have him tested for allergies. I knew they could test little ones and I wanted to do anything to help them go away. There had to be a source for the bumps -they weren't always there, he used to have the softest baby smooth skin, I wanted him to have that smooth baby softness back. And since nothing was helping I wanted to try and treat the source.

So, at his 15 month appointment I asked the doctor again about the bumps, when he said it was just dry skin [which it was obviously not], I asked if he could be tested for allergies, just to make sure. He wasn't too keen on the idea and told me that in children so young a lot of the time nothing will show up, but thankfully he indulged me and my crazy mama thoughts and ordered the allergy test.

Let me tell you, I felt like a horrible mama while they were drawing blood. It was my fault they were taking his blood. For some reason I had thought it would be a finger prick, like all the other times they had taken blood, and the doctor seemed to confirm that suspicion of mine. It was not a prick. Poor Emerson screamed and fought and I just had to hold him tight on the table while they drew blood from his arm. All I could do was whisper in his ear and tell him he was okay and so brave and he was loved... But I knew that I wanted to find out what was causing his bumps and this was a good way to do that.

Thankfully he is a forgiving little boy and just held tight to my neck as we walked out of the hospital that day. Oh, my sweet boy.

Three weeks later they called and said nothing showed up in the results. Eh, at least I tried, right? I was talking to one of my sisters about it and she suggested that it could be because of a dairy allergy. Her little boy was allergic to milk, as well as a few other little ones she knew. I figured it couldn't hurt to try so I did the unthinkable and cut dairy out of his diet completely.

Poor boy loves his diary: cottage cheese, cheese, and his favorite -yogurt. He never really cared to just drink milk so that wasn't a big thing to cut out. I also cut out any and all products with diary in it: Goldfish, many brands of bread, and a plethora of other things. I didn't know what he would eat if I cut it out; but I did it anyway.

And you know what? The bumps are clearing up. Significantly. We're in the middle of the full second week of being dairy free and you can see and feel such a difference. It takes at least three weeks to clear the system completely, so I'm just praying that this next week his skin continues to clear up and the bumps go away completely. Why did I not try eliminating dairy from his diet a long time ago? And why did the doctors keep saying it was dry skin and not even suggest a food allergy?

In addition to his skin clearing up he hasn't had any little daily throw ups like he used to. After cutting it out of his diet for a little bit and reading a bit about milk/dairy allergies it occurred to me that Emerson had also thrown up, just a little bit, numerous times a week -maybe even daily. I thought nothing of his throw up at the time apart from wondering what was wrong or why he might be throwing up. He would just stop playing or reading, look at me, then have a little bit of throw up and go on his merry way. There was never a fever or anything, and it was such a small amount. But it was odd. Since taking him off dairy, he hasn't thrown up at all [apart from the big sickness... which happened again last night... poor baby] which makes me think he really might had an allergy or sensitivity to dairy as that is one of the side affects.

*yes, I'm well aware that these pictures are kind of random and don't show his bumps -they are just so tiny is difficult to see in pictures ... and my computer is still being difficult and not loading my pictures, thus today's selection* 

I'll let you know how his bumps are looking after a week or so... hopefully it will be all clear and baby smooth again. In the mean time, I'm trying to think of different dairy free foods to give him -which is proving to be a little tricky as he is suddenly becoming a more picky eater. Ideas are most welcome! Have any of you or your babies ever had any food allergy issues? Allergies to milk? Experience with little unknown bumps?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the time my baby wouldn't sleep

There were a bunch of sick boys around these parts this weekend. Well, not a bunch, just two. But still,  that seems like kind of a lot when you are the only one who feels good. Landon had just gotten over a cold and then it suddenly returned and Emerson, well, I'm not quite sure. Teething?

On Friday night after about an hour or two of us putting him down for the night he woke up and would not go back to sleep. I went in his room several times, rocked him, laid him back down, but it never did any good. The second I would start to lower him into his crib he would start crying. Then he would just cry and scream until I went in and got him again. We let him cry it out for a little bit but his cries were not calming down; one of the times I went into get him he was just rolling around in his bed screaming. Poor baby. I blamed it on teething but had no idea what was wrong with him. He just wanted me to hold him. While we rocked he was perfectly good, but still was not falling asleep or letting me put him down. 
 for some reason my computer or blogger isn't cooperating with me and I can't upload pictures from this weekend, so here are some others, because really, what's a post without a picture or two? :) 

After about an hour or more of letting him cry, going in to rock him, laying him down, and repeating the process [several times], we finally turned our movie off for good and called it a night. I went in and rocked with Emerson until after midnight; thankfully he had fallen into a deep sleep while we rocked and I was finally able to lay him down. 

It's just so awful knowing that your baby [and yes, I know he's not technically a baby.... but, he will always be my baby] is sick and not knowing how to make it better.

The next morning he slept in until around 7 [thank the Lord!] so I thought he was better, until he did the same thing at nap time. After lunch I decided to take him into the doctor just to make sure he was ok. She didn't see anything to be concerned about, thank goodness, and said it was probably due to teething, just like I thought it was. Later that afternoon when he still wasn't sleeping [and I knew he was oh so tired] I buckled him into his stroller, tied a light weight blanket on it for some shade and started walking. I was hoping he was fall asleep, and he did. While the little one snoozed away with a cool breeze and in a nicely shaded stroller, I walked him all around our neighborhood until he woke up over an hour later. 

It was the perfect afternoon.

He had a fever a few hours later and just cuddled with me for the longest time, but at least he slept that night.

The rest of the weekend we stayed home and everyone started feeling better. We really didn't do much celebrating or anything super fun. But, it was still a lovely weekend and I enjoyed spending it with my two favorite people. And I am glad both of the boys are feeling much better. Hopefully you had a good weekend too, and hopefully it was better than ours with no sickness involved! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

happy friday : )

Friday always brings a happy little breath of fresh air and I am always happy to welcome it each week. Yesterday really felt like Friday to me for some reason, so I guess I'm just thankful that it was only one day away :) 

1. I've had some shorter work weeks recently. It's nice to have the day to do whatever I like and be able to go somewhere if I want to. But it's also not so great because that's a smaller pay check for me and E misses his little friend when she isn't here. Last week Bee left early on Thursday and was gone Friday. Then this Monday and Tuesday she wasn't here due to Emerson being sick. She was here Wednesday and Thursday, but then her parents found out her that her Great Grandpa has passed away, so they were going to start their weekend early to drive up for the funeral. Even though we just played with Bee for two days, those babies had oodles of fun. I don't know what Emerson will do when summer break starts. Maybe something like this?

2. Yesterday morning I went in for part one of my root canal. Apparently it's a process and I'll be back a few more times before it's all said and done. But my oh my. A root canal. I feel like everyone makes it out to be so much worse than it really is. It's really not too much different than having a filling. The doctor was quick and seemed to do a good job -at least from what I could tell. I think it's the tooth pain that can give [does give] a root canal a bad rap. Back in January or February I had tooth pain and it was not fun. Holy moly. The one thing that really stinks about having a root canal [aside from the fact that my tooth is now officially dead] is the price tag that comes along with it. As I handed over my credit card to pay for the procedure the other day, I couldn't help but think to myself, "We could get a brand new MacBook for less than this." Ugh. Sickening. And we need a new computer.... 

3. This, just this. It is amazing. My sisters-in-law sent me a sweet and oh so thoughtful Mother's Day gift with Landon's parents last weekend when they were visiting. This was in it and my life is forever changed now. Also, we need a Trader Joe's here. 

google images

4. Remember my quandary from the other week? Well, I ended up ordering the little baby book and I am so glad I did. I just hope Emerson appreciates it as much as I do one day. 

5. This week I've started a new way of doing laundry around here. I'm hoping it helps me maintain the mountain of laundry that would pile up each week. We'll see... I'm so excited about it I even have a little motto for this chore now: A load a day keeps the piles away! Clever, no? I have Emerson to thank for getting me started on the whole one load a day thing. So far it's going well. I've actually managed to fold and put away the clothes I wash on the same day they are washed. Big accomplishment, let me tell ya. 

Anyhow, I hope you all have a happy and fun three day weekend! 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

mommy guilt?

Mommy guilt is something I have both heard and read about. Other mamas are talking about it and it's in magazines, on blogs, and occasionally the monthly update newsletters that I get each month.  But it isn't something that I seem to struggle with. At least, not right now in this stage of our life. For that I am thankful. 

There are times when I wonder if I'm doing the whole mom thing right: am I using the right soap? giving him a well balanced diet? reading enough with him? playing enough with him? giving him enough independent play time? Am I ignoring him? teaching him what is right from wrong? letting him learn from doing? Am I discipling him the right way? did he watch too many shows today while I fixed dinner? Am I talking enough, cause he still isn't? Should I check on him while he sleeps, he's been sick? Is it okay to not give him a big fancy Pinterest perfect party? Is he too hot? too cold? Did he just pick up dog poop -is he going to be okay?! And on and on... 

It's a good thing I have a pretty 'eh' attitude about a lot of things. Because the truth of it is, if I do have these thoughts it usually ends with, "eh, he's fine," or "eh, it's all good." Except for the dog poop - then we washed his hands before we let him put them back into his mouth. 

But then I think that God gave us Emerson because he knew that we could love him best and teach him right. We have been trusted with his precious little life. So each day I try to make the most of it. I play or read when Emerson wants to, I give him space when he needs it, I feed him things that he is eating [and pray that he'll be ok if he only eats crackers for lunch], and teach him how to take turns when the opportunity arrises. 

All I can do is do my best and show him love and best I can by being there for him when he needs me. I think God has given us each what we need and the grace to make the most of it. Some days are harder than others, but each day is a blessing and a gift -hair pulling, fits, giggles, cries, sickness, cuddles and all. 

I think it's so important to remember that whatever we do, we do because we love our kiddos and we want what's best for them. They will see and know your love for them in the countless things you do for them each and every day. 

What about you? What are your experiences with mommy guilt? Do you deal with it every day? I'd love to hear your story, link up [and/or comment] to share! :) 

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

all about boady : our fur baby

Meet Boady. Boady is our fur baby. Our first baby. Boady is our chubby, not-so-little, Welsh Corgi and we all love him so much. He used to get a lot more face time on the blog before E came around. But somehow Emerson seemed to take a little more time and attention than Boady did and while still ever present, Boady's time on the blog was less and less. Today it's all about him [that's my way of saying there will be lots of pictures of our pup :].

We got Boady in August of 2010. He came into our home from a Corgi breeder and from romping around the farm where he was born. He was the runt of the litter. A tiny little puppy, I think he weighed about three pounds or so when we first brought him home. And oh, how I loved him. He was the size of a tiny hamster when we first got him. A tiny little peanut.

He quickly became our baby. Mine especially. We got him while I was staying home and going to school. I house trained him, taught him tricks, taught him to go to his bed [crate], and really just loved on him a whole lot. He was my buddy. My pal.

He kept me company during the countless hours I spent browsing the internet, blogging, looking at pinterest working on homework. He even ate some of my homework for me [or at least tried to].

He was a fun little puppy and did puppy like things: play, bark, roll, jump, bite, nibble, pee on the carpet [only occasionally].

One of his favorite things was being under our couches. He loved for us to chase him around the living room and he would dart all around, under the one end of the couch, out the other. Often, he would just go under the couch to hang out. It was nearly impossible getting him out [and if there were fireworks or a storm, you could just forget about even trying. He would not budge]. It was his happy place.

Oh, puppy Boady. He loved to play rough. ...unfortunately, he still does.

Shortly after getting Boady we moved to the Washington DC area for a few months. Boady was my best buddy. While Landon was off at work, he would keep my company as I did school work and did whatever else it was I did back in those days like read, write, watch shows, cook, bake... Pretty much whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted [crazy to think I used to have days like that]. We went on walks together and worked on training.

I loved having Boady home with us. It was especially nice having him for company when Landon was traveling for work, which was fairly regularly. When Landon would be gone Boady was quick to learn the routine for the two of us: he got to sleep in our room, and usually even cuddle with me on the bed. You know, so he could fend off intruders more easily should there ever be any [and thank the Lord there never were].

We loved Boady and he was [is] spoiled rotten. Even though I didn't originally want him on the couches, he was just too cute to not cuddle with -so he made his way to be a couch dog. Sort of. He had a couch of his own, and could cuddle with me as long as I had a blanket out for him. He was welcome to cuddle with Landon all of the time though, no matter where. 

A few fun facts [aka. quirks] about Boady:
- he hates the vacuum cleaner and will attack it with vengeance. When I turn it on... watch out vacuum! You will die. 
- the same goes with the broom and Swiffer. I have to close doors or lock him up just so I can sweep [or vacuum]. He has been upstairs before and as soon as I put the broom on the floor he starts barking like a crazy dog. 
- he has magical power senses. All I have to do is touch the broom, mop, Swiffer, or vacuum cleaner and he starts barking and comes running. This can make it tricky to sweep and mop during nap time. Even if he's in his bed, he'll go nuts if I so much as touch the broom handle. 

a few more quirks:
- he's not crazy about walks. He's doing a bit better at the moment, but for the longest time he flat out refused to go on walks [he would run and hide under the couch or in his bed or if we did get him out of the house, he would just lay down in the middle of the road. Literally, the middle of the road. What dog doesn't like walks?! ].
- he is terrified of skate boarders and roller bladders 
- he goes to bed on command. 
- he is scared of my hiccups and runs away from me [I know... brave dog] 

Despite his list of quirks and fear of vacuums, I really do think he would protect us if need be. He got pretty scary mean when a scary creep-o came up to us one time.

you can really tell from his face just how much he loves me, right? :)  

He had the life. All of our attention. All of our cuddles. All of our love.  

And then we had a baby. I'm pretty sure his world came crashing down the moment he met Emerson. A new tiny person he had to share his house and his people with. Poor puppy.

 But, we'll save that part of his story for another day :)

What about you? Do you have a fur baby? Is he [she] the love of your life?