Monday, May 19, 2014

a monday morning surprise

*disclaimer: the surprise is not a happy, pleasant, surprise. It's a sick baby surprise. Just so you know in advance in case you don't like to read/talk/think about sickness related things. 

This morning I got out of bed a little bit after my alarm clock went off and got ready for the day. By the time I was ready I still hadn't heard the little mister stirring so I used that time for a little devotional time. It was 6:50 before I heard the little one chatting in his crib [that's late for my little guy]. It was already a great morning.

The second I opened the door to his bedroom a new smell flooded my nostrils. It wasn't the sweet sleepy baby smell that usually greets me every morning. No, this morning it was foul and potent. A few steps further into his room and I was standing next to his crib. Which is also when my mild suspicions were confirmed, and then some.

Poor little guy had been sick and it was everywhere: his sheet was especially covered, blankets, teddy, it was everywhere... When I reached to pick him up I saw that it was all over him too. But not only was he covered with throw up, there was something else [I'll let you use your imagination]. While he was still in his bed I took his jammies off and carried him over to change his diaper. The poor boy was covered, literary head to toe with yuck. It was so bad he ended up getting a quick bath. I took him into the bathroom where Landon was getting ready and told him Emerson needed a bath. Thankfully he was able to help and get him cleaned up for me while I cleaned up the changing pad area really quickly.

Despite the mess, Emerson was the happiest little fellow and in such sweet spirits; he didn't even have a fever. I am praying that this little virus passes quickly and that E is feeling back to his healthy normal self soon. While I obviously didn't love cleaning up the mess, I really didn't mind - I just hated that my little guy had been so sick. I think God must give mamas a special extra powerful dose of love just for times when their little one is sick. It also helped that Landon was home and was able to keep him out of the messy space.

And thank goodness for yummy homemade cookie smelling candles.

I don't know if he had thrown up before falling asleep last night, in the middle of the night [and just didn't cry about it], or if it was when he woke up this morning. Whenever it was I just hate it for him. Every night, morning, and throughout the day I pray for and over Emerson. But last night I had an overwhelming urge to pray even more and specifically for him before I went to bed. I've had this urge to pray for someone before and think it's always interesting to find the next day that something significant has happened in their life. Anyhow...

A little while later we were playing in his room and he brought a book over to me and suddenly his little face looked scared, worried, serious, and hurt all at the same time. It didn't take me a minute to know he needed to be changed, again, and have another mini bath.

Poor sweet little boy. I hate that is sick. And pray that he feels better soon.

So while my great morning turned into a different kind of good morning, it has still been a [mostly]quiet morning.

What do you do when your little one(s) are sick? Do you they have a special treat, toy, or show? Do they sit and cuddle with you? Do you give them a special sippy cup? Do you have any sick stories from your little one?  


Alisha said...

Poor little angel! My goodness, nothing is worse than seeing your little ones sick. We always enjoy lots of cuddles when my little one is sick!

Alisha said...

Poor little angel! My goodness, nothing is worse than seeing your little ones sick. We always enjoy lots of cuddles when my little one is sick!

Sarah said...

Seeing your child sick and you can't do much is one of the hardest things!

When Aubrey has been sick, we let her nap with us, extra cuddles and movies... anything to let her feel better!

husband-infidelity said...

stat in touch with doctor . And do exactly what he /she says . breastfeed might help babies to fight infection .

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Aww, we had moment like this a few weeks back. Ais has never really been sick before but when she is teething she likes to cuddle and watch kid shows, and I totally oblige her!

Angela Gibbs said...

That must’ve been quite a shock the first time it happened. Did you ever find out what it was that made him sick, or did it just go away after a few days? Anyway, I hope that you’re all doing well these days. Take care!

Angela Gibbs @ MedCare Pediatric