Wednesday, May 21, 2014

all about boady : our fur baby

Meet Boady. Boady is our fur baby. Our first baby. Boady is our chubby, not-so-little, Welsh Corgi and we all love him so much. He used to get a lot more face time on the blog before E came around. But somehow Emerson seemed to take a little more time and attention than Boady did and while still ever present, Boady's time on the blog was less and less. Today it's all about him [that's my way of saying there will be lots of pictures of our pup :].

We got Boady in August of 2010. He came into our home from a Corgi breeder and from romping around the farm where he was born. He was the runt of the litter. A tiny little puppy, I think he weighed about three pounds or so when we first brought him home. And oh, how I loved him. He was the size of a tiny hamster when we first got him. A tiny little peanut.

He quickly became our baby. Mine especially. We got him while I was staying home and going to school. I house trained him, taught him tricks, taught him to go to his bed [crate], and really just loved on him a whole lot. He was my buddy. My pal.

He kept me company during the countless hours I spent browsing the internet, blogging, looking at pinterest working on homework. He even ate some of my homework for me [or at least tried to].

He was a fun little puppy and did puppy like things: play, bark, roll, jump, bite, nibble, pee on the carpet [only occasionally].

One of his favorite things was being under our couches. He loved for us to chase him around the living room and he would dart all around, under the one end of the couch, out the other. Often, he would just go under the couch to hang out. It was nearly impossible getting him out [and if there were fireworks or a storm, you could just forget about even trying. He would not budge]. It was his happy place.

Oh, puppy Boady. He loved to play rough. ...unfortunately, he still does.

Shortly after getting Boady we moved to the Washington DC area for a few months. Boady was my best buddy. While Landon was off at work, he would keep my company as I did school work and did whatever else it was I did back in those days like read, write, watch shows, cook, bake... Pretty much whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted [crazy to think I used to have days like that]. We went on walks together and worked on training.

I loved having Boady home with us. It was especially nice having him for company when Landon was traveling for work, which was fairly regularly. When Landon would be gone Boady was quick to learn the routine for the two of us: he got to sleep in our room, and usually even cuddle with me on the bed. You know, so he could fend off intruders more easily should there ever be any [and thank the Lord there never were].

We loved Boady and he was [is] spoiled rotten. Even though I didn't originally want him on the couches, he was just too cute to not cuddle with -so he made his way to be a couch dog. Sort of. He had a couch of his own, and could cuddle with me as long as I had a blanket out for him. He was welcome to cuddle with Landon all of the time though, no matter where. 

A few fun facts [aka. quirks] about Boady:
- he hates the vacuum cleaner and will attack it with vengeance. When I turn it on... watch out vacuum! You will die. 
- the same goes with the broom and Swiffer. I have to close doors or lock him up just so I can sweep [or vacuum]. He has been upstairs before and as soon as I put the broom on the floor he starts barking like a crazy dog. 
- he has magical power senses. All I have to do is touch the broom, mop, Swiffer, or vacuum cleaner and he starts barking and comes running. This can make it tricky to sweep and mop during nap time. Even if he's in his bed, he'll go nuts if I so much as touch the broom handle. 

a few more quirks:
- he's not crazy about walks. He's doing a bit better at the moment, but for the longest time he flat out refused to go on walks [he would run and hide under the couch or in his bed or if we did get him out of the house, he would just lay down in the middle of the road. Literally, the middle of the road. What dog doesn't like walks?! ].
- he is terrified of skate boarders and roller bladders 
- he goes to bed on command. 
- he is scared of my hiccups and runs away from me [I know... brave dog] 

Despite his list of quirks and fear of vacuums, I really do think he would protect us if need be. He got pretty scary mean when a scary creep-o came up to us one time.

you can really tell from his face just how much he loves me, right? :)  

He had the life. All of our attention. All of our cuddles. All of our love.  

And then we had a baby. I'm pretty sure his world came crashing down the moment he met Emerson. A new tiny person he had to share his house and his people with. Poor puppy.

 But, we'll save that part of his story for another day :)

What about you? Do you have a fur baby? Is he [she] the love of your life?


Myla Munro Ringler said...

Oh Boady, you're a cutie pie! I absolutely adore corgis. They have the best personalities! Currently we have our black lab, Bella. And yes, she's the love of our life! Sleeps in the bed. Goes to work with Matt. Comes running when you even just move her treat container on the counter. Basically, we are very well trained!

Laura said...

Broady is precious! Corgis are so sweet. I can't believe he doesn't like walks though. We have a weimy girl and a long-haired chi boy. They are our world. Isaac and I were both raised that the dogs were the perfect children and the human children weren't, so hopefully when the Man Cub arrives in about 8 weeks, we'll be able to convince him to adjust around the pups, not the other way around.