Wednesday, May 14, 2014

facetime : it's the little things

Since we live several hours away from our closest family one way we like to 'visit' with them is via facetime. We usually talk about once a week and it has become something Emerson likes to do very much. Any time I say, "Do you want to facetime Grammy?" he'll toddle over to where the ipad is [up high and out of reach from his little dimply hands] and reach up for it. Many times he'll clench his tiny fists and his face will make the goofiest grin in excitement. 

The other day we were talking with one of his aunties and afterwards she sent me two pictures. I know the quality is quite poor, but for a screen shot of a squirmy toddler that she then sent to me, it's not too bad. I really just love these pictures because the capture so well what it is like when we facetime and even how we just play together every day.

When we first moved to Illinois Landon's mom just had a phone. When we told her about facetime and she facetimed (if that's a word?) with us with one of my sister-in-law's phone she was so excited. A few months before we were moving she had mentioned the possibility of getting an ipad but never got one. Then a few weeks after we had moved she went out and bought one. It was her birthday present. She bought it in August. Her birthday is at the end of October. ha. Landon's grandparents will sometimes be able to facetime with us and they can't get over the technology of it. They'll reach out to touch Emerson, which more often than not ends the conversation. Anyhow, it's fun to be able to call and see family. Oh, the little things :)

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Alisha said...

We love Face Time with our families too!! Such a great way to connect!!

Amy said...

We Skype with my sister & her family who live in MN. In fact, we just Skyped with them last night! Thank goodness for technology!