Friday, May 2, 2014

five on friday ... not too much

Welcome Friday and May! Even though I don't have big plans for either, I'm still happy to welcome both :) 

I feel like things have finally settled down a little bit and we are back to life as usual. The last few weeks have been a little more busy and full than usual -getting ready for our little trip and all. While it was fun and all, it is nice to be home and not have a long list of to dos to get done. 

We got Emerson some crayons and chalk for Easter. But ever since the day or so after Easter we hadn't been able to find either of them. We both looked every where in the house. Nothing. After days of searching we joked that we would find them as soon as we: a) bought a new box and opened it or b) started packing to move to our new house in four-ish years. Thankfully I decided to look one last time and found the little suckers tucked away in one of the cabinets we had both looked in numerous times. Now we can color! [I know... big stuff goes on in the house]

I love this picture. And that is all I'll say about that. 

The last few days Emerson has not been sleeping as great as he usually does. This makes for a chipper disposition when he is awake [or not so much]. I am thinking it must be because he is cutting another tooth [or teeth]. He's just not his happy little self right now like he usually is. I don't like to pin unhappy behavior on teething, but I really do think that it must be it. Hopefully I'm right about that- or he just starts sleeping well again and is a happy boy. 

On Wednesday I didn't have to watch Bee, so Emerson and I went grocery shopping that morning and it was wonderful! I don't really like grocery shopping these days anyhow, so combine that with a very busy and crowded store on the days and times I'm usually able to go shopping and it just makes for an even more unpleasant time. I was so happy to go early in the morning and be one of very few shoppers there. It was much more enjoyable and peaceful. ...even though I still spent more than I had anticipated, I was at least able to somewhat enjoy the trip because no one was there. ha. Can you tell I'm a fan of being in crowded spaces? ;) 


I'm linking up with Darci and these other fun ladies :) I hope you all have a happy and sunny weekend! Thanks for stopping by! 

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Sarah said...

Love the photo of Emerson and the pup! Too cute!