Thursday, May 15, 2014

good-bye to nursing, hello to cow's milk

I had always thought I would breastfeed if I was ever blessed enough to have a baby. Then, when I actually found out I was pregnant it became a lot more real and I started thinking about it more, reading about it a little bit, and talking to some of my mama friends about it. And even though my hubs and I decided that's the way we would go I was still a little weirded out by it. But, it was the best nutrition for the baby and it was free. Win win, right? We started nursing the morning Emerson was born and over the next few months had quite a few bumps and struggles. As it turned out it wasn't quite as weird as I had thought -it was [or could be] a sweet and special time for you to bond with your little bundle. You can read the whole story here and here if you like. 

Nursing was not easy for us. I wanted to quit and nearly gave up nursing altogether during one particularly horrible week. But I didn't and we persevered until we made it to 12 months; and thankfully nursing did get better. That had been my goal all along and I was so happy when 12 months of nursing came around. We'd made it. And it was time for us to finish that particular part of our journey. 

Because I knew I wanted to wean Emerson at 12 months I started dropping feedings a few months prior to 12 months and replacing those nursing sessions with a little snack, some water or juice, and/or a meal [you can read more about that transition here]. 

The day of Emerson's first birthday was our last day nursing. The following day I gave him a sippy cup with some whole milk in it. He drank a little bit, but preferred his water. I tried warming his milk up, putting it in a bottle [even though he had never taken a bottle well before], giving it to him at bed time when we would have nursed, in the morning when he first woke up. I bought a toddler transition formula for him, in hopes that he would take that better; he did, but he still wasn't drinking even an ounce a day. Regardless of how and when I gave him milk he would maybe take a sip and then toss the cup to the side. 

So pretty much, my child doesn't drink milk. While I kept trying and offering milk to him he always preferred water. His apparent dislike of milk has made me give him calcium through other means: mainly yogurt and cheese.

Then, the other day [like, really the other day] I decided to give him soy milk. And he drank it. He drank more soy milk that morning than he had of milk in any given week. So, apparently he is not a fan of cow's milk and soy is what he likes [for now]. Hopefully he continues to like and drink soy milk. 

Hopefully your weaning from breastfeeding or formula to cow's milk was smooth and simple. But if it's not, hasn't been or wasn't, know that you aren't alone and just try to provide other forms of calcium or try soy milk. Who knows what those little ones like... 

I would love to hear your story and thoughts on weaning, be sure to link up with me and the other mamas and read their stories too! 

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kelseylynae said...

Two weeks in to breast feeding Becks. CANNOT WAIT TO BE DONE! ;)

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Our stories are very similar! It was also very hard for us at first but we made it through & I'm so glad! Great story! :)

KelseyB said...

Kids are so funny when it comes to milk. Both my boys preferred cows milk, but my daughter likes almond milk much better.

Courtney B said...

Nursing is just SO HARD! I could only recall hearing mom's rave about how "wonderful nursing is" and "I love the bond I have with my baby through nursing" during my early nursing days and let me tell you, Mia and I both hated nursing. There was no bonding going on! It was the furthest thing from wonderful I'd ever experienced! But I'm glad we stuck it out and THANK HEAVENS it gets easier!!
Is he still liking the soy milk?!