Friday, May 16, 2014

hello friday

1. My in-laws are coming for a little weekend visit this weekend. It should be a fun weekend with them. It's also a good thing they are coming because it makes me clean our house. Like, really clean, not the fake put away stuff, wipe off the counters, we're good kind of clean. Whew. I only have floors to clean and the bed to make for them downstairs before they come. Hopefully I can get them both done... but if not, at least I dusted [probably for the first time this year... have I mentioned how much I despise dusting?], so there's that.

2. Our neighborhood is having a neighborhood wide yard sale this week!! We are so excited. We've already found some pretty good picks out of things people have put to the curb, so they must have some pretty good things to sell if they thought the others were trash like quality. Here's to hoping at least :) And the neighborhood across the street and one down the road are having big yard sales this weekend too. We're hoping to get our hands on a little table and wagon... we shall see. Oh, yard sales!

3. Bee isn't here today so Emerson and I went out after breakfast to get our grocery shopping done for the week. I love doing my grocery shopping early in the day during the week. There are hardly any people and it is wonderful!

4. I started a sourdough started a few days ago. I've never tried before and am anxious to find out if it takes or dies. I'm hoping it works so that I can make us some fresh sourdough bread and other yummy things with the dough.

5. This week our computer died on me five times. Twice in one night. So, that's super fun. I like our computer, but it is getting to be so frustrating and a lot of trouble. Hopefully it holds out for a little lot longer!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Sarah Farris said...

I am the exact same way about cleaning with my in laws! The first time I met them, after I got engaged, I actually made myself super sore from spending the entire day cleaning my house, since it was the first time they met me and saw my house!

Les said...

We were having some serious issues with our computer last year, and we bit the bullet and bought a (smaller) iMac. Best. Decision. Ever. It was a bit of an investment, but totally worth it.

And I'm pretty sure that every woman cleans like crazy when the in-laws are coming over- haha! We just put ourselves under too much pressure. ;)

Have a fabulous weekend!

aimerose said...

I love your blog Hannah, it's so sweet - just followed! ♥
Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!


Ally {Life as I know it} said...

I'm the same way about cleaning. I'll only really clean if someone is coming over. And it has to be someone pretty important if I'm going to get it squeaky clean! Neighborhood yard sale sounds like so much fun! Hope you get some good stuff!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hope you had a great weekend with your in laws! And that the yard sale was a success! I've never been a part of one!