Tuesday, May 20, 2014

some weekend happenings

*This morning Emerson was sick again. He was fine all day yesterday, but this morning when I went in his room to get him... sick. Everywhere. Poor baby. I hope he feels better soon. Thankfully he at least acts fine and doesn't have a fever.*

Anyhow.... This past weekend Landon's parents came in for a little visit. We did lots lots of playing, walking, yard work, and visiting. It's always nice to have visitors, it changes things up from the normal routine and gives us something to look forward to. 

I was wo proud of myself too for having cleaned the whole house before they arrived. I even had their bed ready [read: I put air in the air mattress and put some sheets and blankets on it for them]. Big accomplishments, I tell ya. 

They arrived on Friday evening, and after enjoying some dinner together we hung out upstairs where Emerson was able to play. Landon's sisters had gotten him a castle tent for Easter, he played with it for a few hours when we were visiting them a few weeks ago. We didn't have space in our car to bring it back with us, so the in-laws brought it with them this weekend and Emerson was in a world of happiness. 

I mean, seriously, that tent was [is] like baby crack or something to him. He kept going in and out. Peeking through the opening. And dying giggling each and every time.

While we were upstairs, he somehow managed to get on the other side of the gate. He was so giddy to be the one pushing the gate open and close. Silly boy. The hubs was sick, so that may explain his less than enthralled expression :)

Saturday morning after a yummy breakfast of waffles and fruit, we went yard sale-ing [is that a word?]. Our neighborhood was having a neighborhood yard sale day so we walked around looking for good finds. We ended up with a few steals: an Emerson size froggy folding chair for, a pair of Ugg boots for him to wear this [or next?] winter, a sun hat, some super cute Vans shoes, and "The Help". Total spent: $5.50. Not too shabby, yeah? 

I had hoped to find a little table and chairs for him, but that wasn't in the cards. I was pretty happy with our finds though. And he seemed to be pretty pleased with them too.

Though, Emerson did end up getting a wagon! He loves that thing. We had it in our living room for a while and he pushed it around in circles and even went on a few indoor rides. I'm pretty excited about the wagon too because it means we will be able to go on walks now with Bee! It will be so nice to be able to get out of the house with the babies.

It was chilly, but that didn't stop us from testing out the wagon. His Grammy and Poppy enjoyed going on walks with him and he enjoyed being pulled around the neighborhood.

Even though it may not look like he did...

We went on lots of walks... it's what we like to do. Emerson really likes to help us get Boady ready for the walks. Boady isn't so sure how he feels about it...  

We [and when I say we I really mean Landon and his parents] also got quite a lot of yard work done this weekend. They got flowers and other plants planted, mulch put out, and some other tidying up around the yard. I mostly supervised the munchkin and made sure he didn't eat the dog poop. Good times.

As I mentioned, he loves his castle tent. He really loves taking things into his castle and playing/reading/laying in there. It's so cute to watch him take a toy in there, sit on the floor and play with it or read a book. Occasionally he'll lay down for a nap, like he did here. It was about nap time so he decided to take his blankies into his castle.

Anyhow. That was our weekend. Fun and eventful but restful. I hope you all had a good weekend too.

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Alisha said...

That tent is beyond adorable.

So sad to hear your little peanut is still sick though, so sorry to hear that!