Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the dark dungeon {aka: our office/work space}

One thing we were blessed to have in our new little house is a nice finished basement: perfect for babysitting and for taking shelter from possible tornados. The layout and size of the basement allows us to make two rooms: one as a guest room of sorts and one for an office room of sorts.

While the guest room part is pretty bare and simple, it works and so far we haven't had any complaints from our overnight visitors or baby Bee who naps down there every day. I would love to spruce it up a little bit that or make it into a little play area; but I'm just not sure if that's in the budget any time soon [and since we know this isn't our forever home we aren't sure it's worth the money].

 Please excuse the pile of clothes on the bed, I am in the process of putting away E's clothes that are too small for him. 
...just keepin' it real. 

see my point? dark and dull. 

The other side of the basement is a little darker and colder: there's no over head light, no carpet or rug, and well, it's just not very cheerful. But it is the perfect spot for an office. Landon got a huge desk for a great deal before we moved, so it sits down there along with my little sewing table, bookcases full of books, our computer desk, and a lot of other little things that have slowly made their home down there.

See what I mean? Other 'little' things have made a home down there ... what do you do with no longer used baby items, but things you want to hold on to in hopes of baby #2? 

It's great to have that space, but it was my least favorite place in the house, and I hated going down there. I have an abnormal dislike of basements. But, that's where the computer was and since I blog and use the computer for other things, that's where I had to be too. I would get whatever I wanted/needed and then drag my feet down the steps and turn the heater on full blast. Even with a space heater, fleece jacket, and a hot mug of coffee, my fingers and toes would still be freezing by the time I emerged from the dungeon, regardless of how long I would be down there.

I felt disconnected from everything when I was in the basement. Even though it's in our house, for some reason going down the stairs to the basement always felt dark, unhappy, and freezing. So while it's a great space, it's just not an ideal space to sit and write or click away at this and that online. At least, not for me.

Again, please ignore the pile of papers on the floor. They've been there for far too long, but since we obviously love spending time in the basement, there they sit. The hubs got them out for taxes, so I'm just being a sweetheart and letting him put them away where he found them :) 

For months I had been trying to think of some way to make an office space in our upstairs [what I consider to be the actual house part of our house]. But our bedroom really didn't have space and our living room was perfectly full. I considered making an office out of my closet, or at least part of it, but I really like my closet space and wasn't willing to give any of it up, at least not until I had exhausted all options.

Thankfully I'm pretty determined and creative [at least sometimes with somethings] and I came up with a genius idea.

But, you'll have to wait to find out what I came up with until tomorrow. Though, now you have seen a glimpse into my house :)


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

We pack up all of our baby stuff or wrap it up and store it in our garage. Keeps it out of our hair and will be easy to get to for the next baby.

Derrick George said...

We store most of our baby stuff in the garage and it makes things so much easier. We had so much stuff after the twins were born our whole house was so cluttered with stuff it made it hard to make sense of everything. In the garage it went thank goodness we had one. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Derrick George @ ZZONE 31