Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the time my baby wouldn't sleep

There were a bunch of sick boys around these parts this weekend. Well, not a bunch, just two. But still,  that seems like kind of a lot when you are the only one who feels good. Landon had just gotten over a cold and then it suddenly returned and Emerson, well, I'm not quite sure. Teething?

On Friday night after about an hour or two of us putting him down for the night he woke up and would not go back to sleep. I went in his room several times, rocked him, laid him back down, but it never did any good. The second I would start to lower him into his crib he would start crying. Then he would just cry and scream until I went in and got him again. We let him cry it out for a little bit but his cries were not calming down; one of the times I went into get him he was just rolling around in his bed screaming. Poor baby. I blamed it on teething but had no idea what was wrong with him. He just wanted me to hold him. While we rocked he was perfectly good, but still was not falling asleep or letting me put him down. 
 for some reason my computer or blogger isn't cooperating with me and I can't upload pictures from this weekend, so here are some others, because really, what's a post without a picture or two? :) 

After about an hour or more of letting him cry, going in to rock him, laying him down, and repeating the process [several times], we finally turned our movie off for good and called it a night. I went in and rocked with Emerson until after midnight; thankfully he had fallen into a deep sleep while we rocked and I was finally able to lay him down. 

It's just so awful knowing that your baby [and yes, I know he's not technically a baby.... but, he will always be my baby] is sick and not knowing how to make it better.

The next morning he slept in until around 7 [thank the Lord!] so I thought he was better, until he did the same thing at nap time. After lunch I decided to take him into the doctor just to make sure he was ok. She didn't see anything to be concerned about, thank goodness, and said it was probably due to teething, just like I thought it was. Later that afternoon when he still wasn't sleeping [and I knew he was oh so tired] I buckled him into his stroller, tied a light weight blanket on it for some shade and started walking. I was hoping he was fall asleep, and he did. While the little one snoozed away with a cool breeze and in a nicely shaded stroller, I walked him all around our neighborhood until he woke up over an hour later. 

It was the perfect afternoon.

He had a fever a few hours later and just cuddled with me for the longest time, but at least he slept that night.

The rest of the weekend we stayed home and everyone started feeling better. We really didn't do much celebrating or anything super fun. But, it was still a lovely weekend and I enjoyed spending it with my two favorite people. And I am glad both of the boys are feeling much better. Hopefully you had a good weekend too, and hopefully it was better than ours with no sickness involved! 


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Poor little man! At least you got some snuggles & that he is feeling better!

Alisha said...

Poor little guy, it is never good when your boys are sick! :(