Monday, June 23, 2014

a little weekend and a backyard : playing outside

For the past few months we have been talking about getting a little [big] outside toy for Emerson. He loves to be outside and so do we. We are so thankful for a small fenced in backyard [especially in the winter when it is freezing so we don't have to decide who has to take the dog out :] to enjoy at our leisure. One especially nice thing about our backyard is that it gets the morning sun and afternoon shade. It couldn't be more perfect. 

In Louisville we had a huge yard and nice patio area, but we were hardly able to enjoy it because the mosquitoes would eat you up in no time. I'm always been one to get more than the average number of bug bites, all I had to do in Louisville was step outside for five minutes and I would be covered. Obviously, not quite ideal, especially for little ones. But here? No bugs. We can sit outside for hours and not get one nibble [hopefully me actually saying this doesn't bring them on full force now]. It couldn't be more perfect. Combine that with the afternoon shade and cool breeze and all I want to do is sit outside. 

But, when you have a munchkin running around and have to keep an eye on for fear of him eating dog poop, it's not quite as relaxing. Eh. Such is life. But, because we have such a great little outdoor space and Emerson loves being outside so much, we decided to get him a treat. Like, a big treat. Probably the biggest thing we've gotten for him. We really haven't gotten many toys for him. I'm pretty sure we have only gotten him about three or four toys since the start of his little life; which helped make getting a toy a little easier. Kind of. 

We talked and talked about getting him an outdoor toy for a long time, but never did anything about it. We are cheap and didn't want to spend money on something he wouldn't like. Then, after he played in a cousin's sandbox last week and loved it, we decided to get him one of his own [and pray that he would like it just as much]. We want him to be outside as much as possible, running around, using his imagination, and getting fresh air that is so good for him. 

We found a deal and used some coupons and splurged on a sandbox for him. We talked about getting a small cheap swimming pool and filling it with sand, but as windy as it gets here we didn't think a tarp could hold the sand in. 

After filling it with sand he climbed right in for all of five minutes and then proceeded to sweep the grass with our big broom. The next day he played for a few minutes and after discovering my drink, decided he would rather walk around the yard while holding and 'drinking' my water -though more than half of it ended up on him. Maybe by the end of the summer he'll love it more? Maybe next summer? He'd better, that's all I can say about that ;)

Do you spend lots of time outside with your little one[s]? What do they love to do the most outside? 


Susannah said...

What fun! I'm sure he'll grow to love his sandbox!!!

Alisha said...

We have been contemplating the same thing, but, have not made the plunge yet, we have a super small yard, so that makes it even harder with those big outside kids toys. He will like it more and more, and if not? Well, he still looks adorable, either way. :)

Lauren said...

so cute! Elyse hated the sand on her feet last year at the beach...I'm hoping she outgrows that phobia! ha!