Tuesday, June 24, 2014

come on in

Since getting married about five and a half years ago the hubs and I have called a number of different places home. Our first home together was a little one bedroom apartment in College Station, Texas. It was really actually pretty nice -apart for the tiny kitchen it had ample space for the two of us and I only had to be a little creative with storage space -mostly kitchen storage.

Our second home was in Louisville, Kentucky and it was pretty special as well. During the time we lived in Louisville, we also had long stints of living else where: California and Virginia. In both places we had nice little one bedroom apartments.

One thing that I realized as we moved away and into our new home here in Illinois, is that I did a pretty poor job when it came to taking pictures of our homes. Because there are always so many fond memories in each home I wanted to make sure I didn't do the same thing again. So I have slowly been taking pictures of our Illinois home.

This is our living room, obviously, you all are bright so I'm sure you've figured that out already. It's simple and there's not too much to it, but it's home for us.

I've never been one with a talent for decorating so decorations are minimal . Though, I dream about what it would be like to have a perfectly decorated room [house]. Maybe if I was willing/able/decisive enough to spend money on decorations and such it would be a different story, but I always have trouble doing that, so I just don't. Which is probably a good thing for our current budget.

I occasionally find myself dreaming about the future - our future home. I think about what it would be like to have a forever home. To not have to pack up and move, again. To be settled. I think about what our house would look like, be like. I think about how fun it would be to actually invest and get some items to make it look put together, a little nicer, a little more Pintrest-y. And I wonder when that day might come? Five years? Ten years? I know we won't be in Illinois for long [hopefully], what will come next?

After moving around my whole life it would be nice to be settled. To have a home that our children grow up in, move away to college from, bring their own families to one day. A home that they know will always be there. I know a house doesn't make a home, it's the people, family, love, laughter, and memories that are made that make it a home. But I still can help but think about what our permanent home might be like.

I always like to see the inside of homes. It shows so much about a person and it's just fun to see all of the different houses and ways to decorate. I sometimes wish I could go into a house just to take a look around, see what it look like, ya know?

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by and hanging out for a bit today. Maybe soon we'll make our way into the kitchen [once I can get it cleaned up for some pictures :] and we can have some cookies and coffee or tea or milk... or anything you like really.


Alisha said...

How fun, I love little peaks into people's lives... love all of the pops of color!

Whitney said...

It's something you never think to do, but having pictures of all the places you've called home is so special!

Lauren said...

I always wish I had more photos of the inside of my home. Speaking of which, I really need to take some photos of our new home and put them up here...but maybe I'll wait until we unbox a few more things now.

Sara McCarty said...

I wish I had more photos of the places I've lived too. So many wonderful memories. I agree with you on longing to find that one forever home. I'm hoping our next house is that one. The one we raise our kids in and eventually have grandkids in. That would be lovely.