Friday, June 20, 2014

father's day, swimming, and chillaxing :)

The other day mentioned how we went and spent several days with Landon's family and even shared some of my attachment issues. Thank you all for your sweet and encouraging words! I appreciate them so much. While I know I have the little attachment battle going on in my head, I still very much enjoy spending time with Landon's family. They are all so warm and welcoming and have made me a part of the family. We will never be in want or need of anything: be it prayer, love, or support. 

It was nice to be able to spend Father's Day weekend with family. Landon and I are pretty simple and cheap, so most likely we would have stayed home and done nothing had we not been visiting family. We planned on going to church that morning, but ended up just taking a handsome little fellow to Sunday School so my mother-in-law could show him off to all of her friends. It just so happened that church started at the same time as Emerson's nap. Neither of us were too keen on having a cranky baby for the day and knew he wouldn't sleep in the nursery [or probably even stay in there in the first place], so I stayed at the house with him during his nap while everyone else went off to church. I can't say I was sad about not being there... is that bad? I was able to enjoy a really good devotional time, so I'd say all things are good in the end. 

Emerson is one blessed little boy to have Landon as his daddy. While he still doesn't say Dada, he knows Landon and loves his hugs, kisses, and play time with him. Every night before bed he is attacked with kisses from Landon. E squeals and giggles and always asks for more. It is so sweet.
Emerson, Landon, Landon's dad, and Landon's mom's dad all on Father's Day

Emerson was passed around a lot that Sunday afternoon. It was really funny to see how he would go to come people, but not to others. He was taken with Landon's cousin and laid with him for the longest time. But some aunts, uncles, and grandmas.... he wanted nothing to do with. I wonder why that is?

Emerson's little folded arms in this picture kill. me. I die, he's so cute.  

 Emerson's gift to Landon: laying with him. He is never still, and it is all Landon ever wants. So, they had a nice little cuddle. 

On Monday afternoon we went for a little swim. Emerson wasn't really to sure what to make of the water... actually, he really didn't care for it. And he really didn't like the float. We are hoping that he will more of a fan when we are on vacation next month!  

He did however LOVE watching Landon and his sister jump off the diving board. As soon as they popped their head out of the water Emerson would squeal in delight, sign 'more', and say what sounded like 'do it again' only, most definitely not that clear. Their jumping was a great distraction to get him in his float.

We decided to bring him back to the house and let him play in the little pool his grammy and poppy bought him. See what I mean? We will never want for anything!

So, while he was playing in his little pool m noticed the water become kind of cloudy and said as much. Right after this picture was taken, actually. As it turns out it got cloudy so quickly because a little someone ... ya know.

Mamas, here is what I want to know: do the swim diapers you use actually hold what they are supposed to? Because this one apparently didn't. Thankfully we were just at home and not in a public swimming area... but I was under the impression they worked well? Do any of you have any advice/tips/tricks when it comes to swim diapers? I'm now a little worried that this will happen again -when we are in a big pool with lots of people, and that would be just awful! Suggestions and comments are most welcome!

All in all we had a really sweet visit with family. It was the perfect length of a trip and we were all able to enjoy our selves. I even got to lay out in the hammock one morning and read. Blissful.


 I have a feeling this weekend will be a quite one spent at home, which is fine by me. I hope you all have a happy weekend!


Sara McCarty said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend with family. Mac was the same way around water when he was that little. Don't worry, he'll soon be jumping in the pool and you won't be able to make him leave. We haven't had any issues with swim diapers leaking, but definitely make sure you have the right size (the small size is still pretty big on babies).

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

He is such a cutie, & I bet he will be loving the water in no time!! Xo

Meghan said...

What a great weekend! We used that float last year with Noah and loved it! This year he seems happy with his puddle jumper so I'm not sure if we will pull it out again.

Lauren said...

So cute! Elyse is a little water bug this year, and she wouldn't hardly touch it last year! We did start her in swimming lessons which has REALLY helped her water issues!