Wednesday, June 4, 2014

green rice : not a recipe

Occasionally I will make a purchase at the grocery store, bring the item home, and go to fix or eat said item only to find that something is not quite right with it. For example, one time I bought a bag of cheese puffs; I had eaten them before and knew what they were supposed to be like. Well, when I opened that bag, I found tiny little shriveled up non cheese puff looking little bits of puffs. So, I called the company and told them about the cheese puffs. They thanked me for calling and telling them and then they sent me a coupon for the inconvenience. So sweet. 

So now, any time I purchase a product that leaves something to be desired, I call the company and tell them about their product. Usually it involves me saying what's wrong with it, them apologizing for the inconvenience, and in the end receiving a coupon in the mail. Not too bad. I don't mind helping for a good cause. 

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Well, the other day I went to fix dinner for Emerson and grabbed a bag of rice I had just bought. As I was on the verge of opening the top to put in in the microwave I noticed that the rice looked a little ... green. And kind of fuzzy. I was pretty sure rice wasn't supposed to be green or fuzzy, so naturally I called the company to tell them about this unfortunate discovery. 

I thought it was no big deal, I call and tell them about the moldy rice and that's that. Little did I know that that was a big deal. Such a big deal in fact that they had to write up an incident report. What?! I had to talk to someone at corporate so that they could obtain the necessary information and write up this report. They asked me six or so times when the expiration date was -it wasn't for over a year. They asked me six or so times if I or anyone in my home had eaten the rice. Um. No. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to eat or feed green rice to anyone I know [even if they don't happen to be my favorite]. 

The company was so very sorry and thanked me a dozen times over for telling them about the moldy rice. They also sent me a reimbursement coupon and said that someone was going to call me to discuss "the retrieval of the package." Serious stuff. She said that like seven times, "the retrieval of the package" -apparently buying green rice is a big deal. Though green rice is not the most awful food surprise I have gotten -but I won't get into that story right now. 

Anyhow. I'm just hoping the next time I go to buy rice it's not green... though I'm not sure I will be buying rice from this company again, even though I love their products. Maybe in a year or two I'll get over it. 

Have you ever purchased a product that was not what it was supposed to be or contained an unpleasant surprise? Did you call the company? Take it back to the store? Do you call companies to share your thoughts on their product[s]? Do tell!

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