Thursday, June 12, 2014

meal time with veggies

First off, just let me say I am no expert when it comes to feeding my munchkin a well balanced diet ... including veggies. I'm just sharing what I've found is working for us, if it helps you wonderful! if not, sorry. Either way, I hope you share what you do when it comes to meal time for you little one[s] -I am always anxious to try new things!

Since introducing solids to Emerson when he was six months old we have been quite fortunate - he pretty much ate anything we gave him. A few foods took a several tries before he really seemed to enjoy eating it, but in the end he would usually always eat anything I gave him. I was especially grateful for this as I know the hubby was quite the picky eater when he was little and even still is to some extent. Any time family is around for Emerson's meal time they comment on how good of an eater he is and how he eats so much. I loved that he ate anything and everything.

Now that he is a little bit older however, he isn't as eager to eat everything he used to eat. In fact, lately all he really wants to eat is bread, blueberries, and yogurt. Not exactly the most balanced diet for a little one. At lunch and dinner I always put a spoonful of veggies on his plate only for it to go untouched [or to have it spit out back onto the plate]. I knew he used to love his veggies - he would gobble them up with very few exceptions, so I was saddened when he suddenly started being more picky and not eating his usual selection of food. But that's a toddler for you, right? Some days all E only eats crackers, bread, bananas, blueberries, yogurt, and eggs. And some days I don't know what else to give him.

One day at lunch when all he wanted was crackers I had a thought... I knew that he loved pouches [doesn't every baby these days?] so I grabbed one I had in the cabinet and gave it to him. I always try to keep some on hand because I know he loves them and they are good for him. But they aren't exactly what I'd call cheap. In seconds it was gone and he was asking for more. So I gave him a second one.

I was telling Landon later on about how he refuses to eat veggies on his plate, but he still loves the veggie pouches and will eat two or three [or more] in one sitting. He needs those nutrients and I was happy to give them to him -whatever the cost. Though it was painful to hand over so much money for a tiny little pouch, thank goodness for coupons and sales [but even still...].

Then the next day as it so happened, I was looking through the daily Zulily email and saw reusable pouches for sale. I looked at a number of different sites to compare prices and then decided that the best deal was from Zulily. So I ordered them. And we couldn't be happier. Now I can make all the veggies Emerson could possibly eat and not spend a fortune on them. He is happy eating his veggies from a pouch - for now. I'm sure one day he will probably feel differntly about it all, but hey... as long as it works that's what I'm doing. I just have to be sure to add some fruit in there too, ya know, make it a little sweet for him.

These pouches are also perfect for his yogurt. He loves yogurt and most of the time lets me feed it to him, but it's nice for him to be able to feed it to himself without making a mess and without half of it going on the table/floor/his hair... so for many reasons, these pouches have won me over. Saving money is what I'm all about. :)

The ReSqueeze pouches are especially nice because you don't need any other tools for them like most others I've seen. It's like a little zip-lock bag, you just open the bottom, fill it with desired food, and snap/zip it back up. And it stays in there all nice and neat. No leakage, which I was kind of concerned about.

What about you? Does your little one eat their veggies? Do they have a balanced diet? Do they eat more of one thing than another? What tricks do you use to get them to eat their veggies and other good foods? Link up, comment, or both to share!

*I wasn't given these pouches to try or write about, I just really like them and they are a great way to save money if your little one likes pouches. If they would like to send me some more to review for them, I would be more than happy to, though!*

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Alycia said...

Those reusable pouches are a great idea. I usually have one or tow on hand, in my purse, the pnatry, etc. This would be a great addition to our toddler gear collection!!

Alycia//Crazily Normal

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Love that pouch idea, totally going to try!!! :)

KelseyB said...

I have never used those pouches before! I just might have to try them!

kelseylynae said...

A few questions-
How do you wash them? I'm assuming you have to keep them refrigerated unlike others? Have you mixed fruits with veggies like store brand does? (Can you tell Blythe still struggled with veggies but loves the pouches?) :)

Alisha said...

Love those reusable pouches, great idea for yogurt!

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh!! Mia still LOVES her pouches so I have got to get me some of these!!