Friday, June 27, 2014

some thoughts on watching tv and having cable

When I was growing up my family didn't have a tv until I was probably seven or so, at least not that I can remember. Even once we had a tv, we never watched it. For our birthdays the birthday person got to pick out a movie to watch with the family and on Easter we got a movie, it was usually a Disney movie: 'Beauty and the Beast', '101 Dalmatians'...  which ever one was in the stores at the time [or was on sale I suppose]. On a rare occasion we got to watch some Tiny Toons on Saturday morning, if the station was coming in clearly. But this was so rare I think it happened all of seven times or something. I didn't know any different and didn't really care all that much about not watching tv. We played in our rooms or outside, we helped do some chores, or we read books.

Then when we moved to Papua New Guinea a few years later there was definitely no tv watching there. All we had were the videos we brought with us. A movie was saved for Friday or Saturday night and we would watch it as a family. During the days we played, read, did chores, and did our school work. I really didn't miss not having tv shows to watch, I much preferred reading and being outside.

After I graduated from high school and came back to the states for college I was shocked that nearly every dorm room contained a tv, some had two. My room was the only room on the floor [and probably the whole dorm for that matter] that had no tv. I'm not sure if my roommate anticipated me bringing a tv, but she seemed fine without one. I obviously didn't care if I had a tv or not - there were classes to study for and lots of other college things to keep my busy. Plus, if I ever wanted to watch tv I could just pop into any of the other rooms on my floor and watch a show or a movie with friends. ...oh college, you seem a lifetime ago... 

When Landon and I got married and moved to our first little apartment we had cable. I'm thinking it was included with the monthly rent. It was really the first time in my life I had access to watching tv whenever I wanted and was able to watch whatever I wanted to watch. Though I worked and stayed busy during the day it was nice to have at night because Landon would usually spend his evenings studying on campus or in our apartment so it gave me something to do, kept me from bugging him all the time if he was home, and it kept me company -as sad as that may seem, it's the truth.

Over the next few years we had cable off and on. If there was a good deal, we'd sign up for it and when the company raised their prices, we would cancel it. Really, we just needed it for basketball season. So as long as we had it then, things were good. We had it when Emerson was born, for which I was so thankful as all I did was sit on the couch and nurse him for the first six months of his life. ...or so it seemed.

Anyhow. We haven't had cable for a while now; when we moved to Illinois we decided it was a luxury and wouldn't fit in the budget. But now... after looking at our internet bill, our budget, and what an internet and cable bill would be, we realize that it would only cost a few extra dollars each month to have both. So, just recently we have thrown the idea of getting cable around. But I don't know. We don't need cable [though, who really needs it?] and am happy without it. But then there are times it would be nice to just plop on the couch and be mindless for a bit, to be entertained by shows and what not. And of course, for basketball... Who knows if we'll get it or not, but that's what's going on around here these days. Exciting stuff, I know.

Do you have cable? What are the perks for you of having it? Or, do you not have cable? Do you like not having it? Did you grow up being able to watch tv? What do you do when it comes to letting your little ones watch tv? ...just wondering :)

Have a happy weekend you all!


Rachel Lynn said...

We don't have cable...I haven't looked at the prices recently, but for internet and cable it was twice as much here as what we pay for internet, hulu, and Netflix. I know that sometimes pricing depends on provider and location though.

McKenzie Papenfuss said...

We don't even own a tv and it is bliss! We have netflix on our iPad but that is it. Sometimes I do crave a good episode of house hunters :)

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

We didn't have cable growing up either. As an adult, I've had it on and off. Right now we have it, because it's a better deal for internet if we do. Could I go tomorrow without cable?? Absolutely but I would definitely miss it!

Alisha said...

We don't have cable either! I swore we were the only people on the planet that didn't have it. For me, we just don't need it, it doesn't fit in the budget, and I don't want to spend all of our extra time in front of the TV. Internet in our area is pretty expensive already, I didn't want to add to that bill that is already pretty high. I will say, my husband gets upset when they don't play his favorite teams on regular television!

Lauren said...

we've always had tv, but there are certainly times that we've considered getting rid of it. But I do have to admit, on those afternoons when Elyse is sleeping and I just want to's nice to put a show on and just relax!

Having said all of that, the tv is hardly ever on when Elyse is awake, and she is limited pretty strictly to the amount she gets to watch each day...which in turn, cuts down on how much tv I think I NEED to watch.

kelseylynae said...

We had cable until we had Blythe and I started staying home. We haven't missed it one bit [except maybe during the Olympics? We get several channels with our antenna, so we still could get the NBA finals etc. We can stream some KU games live, and if there is a program we just REALLY can't miss, we have our parents record it and watch it when we can …and we usually end up not watching it and not missing it.] We do enjoy a good netflix or redbox movie occasionally, and I am thankful for PBS- both for their kids' programing as well as the shows I like to watch on there. :) I think if we ever get it again, we wouldn't watch it as much as before, but it would be nice for somethings. I would only get it if it came with free DVR though, because we're busy most evenings and could record things then.