Tuesday, June 10, 2014

stubborn stains and sick munchkin

This morning Emerson gave me the sweet gift of sleeping until nearly 7 o'clock! I woke up at 6:30 and had a mild panic attach because it was so late [ha... late....] and I was still in bed. But it was nice just the same. I got ready and even read for a little bit before he woke up for the day. 

After he had been stirring for a bit I closed all the doors and shut the gate at the top of the stairs. As I was doing this I had a thought that I prayed and hoped would be nothing. I thought, I bet he was sick in the night again. The moment I opened his door I could tell, that yes, he had indeed been sick in the night [or early morning]. A few steps over to his bed and it was even more evident than before. Poor little fellow had been quite sick. No fever, no other symptoms, just a lot of sick.

I think E [rather the sickness] won this time too... the sheets seem un-saveable this go around. I've scrubbed and rubbed. Sprayed and powdered. Maybe they'll come out of the wash and surprise me. That would be nice.

Do you have any special tricks or secrets for getting stubborn stains out of clothing and bedding? Please share!

Anyhow, here's to hoping you have a much less eventful day than our morning was.


Alisha said...

Poor Baby! He is such a trooper! :)

Alycia said...

awww, poor little guy!!! Being sick is the worst!!!!

Breanna said...

Awww! Poor sweet little guy! Seeing your baby sick is the absolute worst! :( I hope he feels better soon! :)

Christina Schergen said...

awww sick babies are no fun!! Hope all is better!