Thursday, June 19, 2014

to blog or not to blog?

Writing has always always been an outlet for me. I have dozens of journals with pages filled with my thoughts, prayers, and dreams dating all the way back to when I was a young lassie in elementary school. The early journals are mostly filled with things that say things like, "Cara spilld the huming-brd food on my head. Mom mad her wassh my har," [spelling has always been one of my special talents... umm, yeah, not so much]. But writing, be it stories or journaling my daily life, has always been a priority to me. If I go a few days without writing, my mind starts to boil over and my fingers get antsy.

Now a days I do a lot more blogging than writing in my journal, but it is still writing and I love it. I love blogging and everything that comes along with it. I love that I can use it as a journal of sorts and include as many pictures as I want because pictures are a wonderful thing. I love the friendships I have made through the blogging world and the encouragement and stories these ladies share on their own blogs and through emailing. I love that it is a place to learn from each other [especially through this One  Year and Beyond link up].

I am blessed to be able to stay home with Emerson, so I'm sure it would look a lot different if I were still in the classroom; but for now the question of when to blog is an easy one for me to answer - during nap time. After Emerson was first born, and the months that followed, blogging wasn't much of a priority -I was just a little preoccupied with figuring out the whole new mama thing: how to nurse, is he sick, he's not sleeping which means I'm not sleeping, when do I eat, will he let me sit down without screaming.... you know the drill. But I loved blogging and still did my best to keep it up. And I am so glad I have made the time. It's a wonderful way to look back on all that we have been through.

During Emerson's morning nap after I lay him down, I make a cup of coffee and then let myself do all the blogging I please. He usually naps long enough for me to write a post, read most of my favorite blogs, and reply to the comments you all are sweet enough to leave me. I have tried blogging in advance, but it just hasn't really worked our for me yet. I still try to plan some posts out, but usually it's a daily thing.

Sometimes I feel a smidgen guilty for not cleaning the house while he naps, but it doesn't last long. Plus I know if I get the vacuum, broom, or mop out, the dog will bark and that will be the end of nap time. So I pretty much have no choice, I have to blog :)

What about you? When do you make time to blog? Do you plan and write your posts out ahead of time? Write every day? Do you have any secrets or tips for when it does come time to blog?

Also, we are nearing the end of this link up series but are starting to plan a round two. We would love to know what topics or questions you would like to read about/share.

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KelseyB said...

Nap time, such a glorious time! I wish all three of mine still napped at the same time. But now I only have one that naps, so I blog at night. But I really like it because the house is quiet!

Meghan said...

That's also when I blog and keep up to date with my photo editing and making my weekly pages for my family album. Nap time is my time!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

The only time I've blogged in advance is when my husband is out of town! Probably because I get bored at night without him :)

Alisha said...

I always blog at work (terrible, I know) but, I want to spend 100% of my time at home with my family once I get home. If I were home a bit more, I would totally do it during nap time too!

Love your blog, so glad you continue to write!!

Lauren said...

I normally blog at work...shame on me! In fact, I'm at work right now! ha!

Thankfully I work for family, so as long as I get my work done it's not a big deal!

Momfever said...

I run to my computer whenever I have a moment. That's how I get my blogging in!